Class Descriptions

Ray Rolando

Signature Alignment Flow

Our signature yoga experience at Elevate! This class provides a harmonious blend of the precision and refinement of alignment - bringing in clarity, skill, and strength to your practice - with pranayamic (breath)-based, dynamic and fluid movement, encouraging range of motion, flexibility and the joy of physical expression. Creative and intelligent vinyasa sequencing, leading to a peak pose or series of peak poses, opens the body, breath, and mind to awaken your natural vitality and inner alignment. Accompanied by music, sprinklings of yogic wisdom, and ending in deep stretches, pranayama and a relaxing savasana, this class will leave you balanced, peaceful, and renewed.

Ray Rolando

Seaside Heated Flow

A cleansing and rejuvenating vinyasa flow class, in our infra-red heated room set between 85-90 degrees, designed to melt away stress and tension and bring forth your inner radiance. An alchemical blend of fluid vinyasa, mindful movement, and breath inspire fresh awareness and freedom in spirit, mind, and body.

Ray Rolando

Sunset Tonic

Tonic: a medicinal substance taken to give a feeling of vigor or well-being. 45 minutes of a clearly instructed Level 1-2 Class with a delicate fusion of mindful movement and asanas that are set up for proper alignment with the use of blankets, blocks, and belts. The second half of class ends with calming pranayama (breath), deeply relaxing restorative postures and savasana (supine meditation) with light-touch Reiki therapy. Invigorate, Restore, Refresh, & Harmonize.

Ray Rolando

Sunrise Tonic

Tonic: a medicinal substance taken to give a feeling of vigor or well-being. Sunrise Tonic begins with pranayama followed by a clearly instructed Level 1-2 (a more vigorous beginner’s) class with an energizing fusion of mindful movement and asanas set up for proper alignment to ignite your internal fire and get your energy flowing. Calming, meditative stretches and forward folds will open up space and freedom, and a long savasana with light-touch Reiki therapy for deep relaxation and release. Invigorate, Restore, Refresh & Harmonize! 

Ray Rolando

Gentle / Level 1 Yoga

A gentle, clearly instructed class to learn the foundations of the practice – breath, posture, and awareness. A delicate fusion of mindful movement and asanas that are set up for proper alignment with the use of blankets, blocks, and belts and ending with calming pranayama (breath) and a deeply relaxing savasana (supine meditation). Cultivate tranquility and balance. 

Ray Rolando

Good Morning Meditation & Reiki

A 45 minute deeply relaxing class to awaken your spirit and find your inner peace.  A beautiful blend of guided visual meditation, pranayama, and silent meditation.  Followed by 15 minutes of hands on healing Reiki energy to leave you feeling clear and rejuvenated

Ray Rolando

Hot 50 Series

Enlighten and Revolutionize your practice! An open-eyed, moving meditation through a series of 50 postures in our infra-red heated room between 100 -105 degrees that will bend, stretch, twist and open your spine. A deep detoxifying challenge and complete asana practice to work every part of your being - igniting deep awareness, powerful focus & strength, balance, flexibility, stamina, and an opening of the breath and energetic body. This class will evolve and transform your practice and take your yoga to new heights!

Ray Rolando


Elixir: a magical or medicinal potion. A blend of breath based vinyasa, juicy stretches & meditation for the revitalization and serenity of your soul.

Live the magic of your Practice, Passion, & Purpose!

Learn the art of practice and yoga instruction. Explore the timeless, ancient wisdom of the Yoga Sutras, Upanishads and The Bhagavad Gita.

Elevate’s yoga training is an incredible, heart and soul opening journey of Self-discovery, transformation, and expansion! An experience that will set you up for a lifelong study into the sacred path of yoga and provide a powerful foundation of knowledge, practical skills and in-classroom experience to help you become a clear, compassionate and effective yoga teacher.