Transformational Journeys

With an extensive background that combines more than two decades in the mindfulness and coaching fields, Elevate has developed opportunities that act as incredible retreats into a world of self-discovery and growth. They are designed for your serious desire to empower yourself within, and to, the world around you.

Below are some of our programs:

Ray Rolando

Introductory 1 Month Journey to Meet Yourself!

  • 1 one-hour session per week for 4 consecutive weeks
  • Allow your coach to help you uncover limiting belief systems and patterns that are holding you back
  • Reconnect to the innate wisdom and power within
  • Find a renewed sense of peace, purpose, and joy
  • Begin to discover, learn and access practical tools for daily use to significantly shift your life
  • Start becoming empowered to the world you exist in
Ray Rolando

Introspective 3 Month Journey

  • 1 one-hour session per week for a 12 week mini-intensive
  • Includes everything from the Introductory program
  • Recognize a new way of empowered living
  • Dive deeper into the process of self-discovery, inviting new inspiration into your life
  • Begin to self-observe and uncover blind spots that have prevented your wholeness
  • Ground in and explore new perspectives, expanding your awareness and what you believe possible
  • Awaken the courage to create incredible positive shifts
Ray Rolando

Immersive 6 Month Journey

  • A 24 consecutive week intensive coaching program
  • 1 one-hour session per week to begin living a new way of empowered life
  • Includes everything from the Introspective program
  • Notice yourself beginning to efficiently utilize self-mastery tools
  • Enact a process of life-long change with your new-found courage
  • Aligned for those ready to begin using conscious tools as second nature
Longer length, as well as more customizable, programs are available to suit your needs. Please contact us for further information and for details regarding exchange for these programs. You can read more about their benefits, and about our fully complimented Wellness Support Program offerings below.

NOTE: Individual coaching appointments also available upon request.