Tesla Plasma Light Healing


The Theraphi is a healing device that produces a powerful plasma light and bio-active field. The highly charged plasma waveforms pass through the body to recharge the cells and restore the body to a state of optimal health and vitality.


Therapeutic Benefits of the Theraphi

Longevity Pain Reduction Wound Healing Increased Energy Levels Improved Sleep Increased Circulation Enhanced Immune System Stress Reduction Relaxation Enhanced Cancer & Chronic Illness Recovery

Are you ready to elevate your healing journey?

The Theraphi activates the body’s healing regeneration system and reminds the body’s cells of their original state before dis-ease set in.

The Theraphi is the next evolution in the healing technologies pioneered by Nikola Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife, George Lakhovsky and Antoine Prioré. It is a non-invasive device that produces a powerful plasma light and bio-active field. Frequencies of hydrogen and phi-ratio harmonics pass through a unique mixture of noble gases in the Theraphi’s glass tubes. This creates highly charged plasma waveforms that pass through the body and recharge the cells, DNA and spirit.

The energy signature of the Theraphi is the energy signature of a healthy living body. Sitting or lying down in this bio-active field creates an increase of order and vitality within the body, thus undoing the damage and distortion that are at the root of premature aging and dis-ease.

Entropy is the tendency towards disorder, fragmentation, and wear and tear. Negentropy, the reverse of entropy, is considered the life-organizing principle. It is the tendency toward increased order, which reverses disease and the aging process, and supplies centripetal charge compression to every cell of the body. Negentropy is the key to understanding the healing process of the Theraphi’s unique technology involving phase conjugation.

The Theraphi creates non-invasive scalar energy to correct the energy field distortions around the cells of the body. The Theraphi’s plasma allows the carrier wave to transmit 18 different healing frequencies that are based on phi ratio and hydrogen, causing a field to envelop and affect every cell of the body. This revolutionary technology has a wide range of benefits, including longevity, natural pain relief, cellular rejuvenation, enhanced health, deepened states of meditation, and more harmony in body and mind.