THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/9/13


Your sovereignty beckons.  For who you truly are cannot be contained in a form you call the body.  Thinking that it can be is three dimensional (3D) consciousness.  As you move now into fifth dimensional (5D) awareness and beyond, and as your light “bodies” begin to transcend old 3D patterns, the crystalline structures within your DNA begin anew, trend-setting unbreakable and impenetrable truths… truths that shall reign supreme once more in your eternal fingerprints… but this time it will occur for you while you are within your physical vessels you call a body.

WHAT?!  Are you asking, “What the he#@ does that all mean?”  GOOD!  The objective was to get your attention.

What it all basically means is actually much simpler than it might seem.  You see, it was believed for centuries that in order for one to ascend and experience the bliss of the ever-after, or the after-life, that you had to drop your physical form through the “act” of death.  However, we are learning (again) higher truths that ascension, while in a body, is where it’s at.  So what does that mean?!

Well, through these posts over the years, we have been learning that death is an illusion; that once Energy is created, it cannot be destroyed; that re-incarnation is the pursuit of the grail; that the grail is actually complete connection with the Divine; that the Divine resides within you and that you, therefore, must be the Divine; that YOU ARE IT, so stop searching ! ! !

Ok, so what does all that mean?  It means that the sooner you begin to realize that your actions or non-actions (karma) are creating your lifetimes on the wheel that goes round and round until you wake up and get it, the sooner that you begin to accept that you are everything… the “good”, the “bad”, the “victim”, the “victimizer”, you are ALL OF IT.  When you begin to even allow that way of thinking into your being, you actually begin a process of soul initiations that used to take lifetimes.  And, if you accept fully the challenge when it is presented, you will begin to embrace these higher truths within your DNA as it becomes your new belief system.  As you do so, your DNA must shift to contain the Energetic vibration of the new consciousness.  And this can now occur within a single lifetime… this one, actually, if you are ready!

The evolutionary growth of the planet and enough of its inhabitants, currently has us in a place more exciting than Atlantean and Lemurian times.  The Cosmos, along with Earth, have shifted so much that even higher truths are now coming to those ready and willing to accept them. While this comes with Cosmic Responsibility, along with our fellow co-creators out there, the limit of where this truly New Age takes us is unseen.

So where do you want to go?  Reign in your senses, tame the desires, and allow COSMIC TRUTH to shift your foundations.  We are headed for new heights of LOVE to the degree that has yet to be measured.  So call upon your noble ancestry to deliver you HOME.  Your throne awaits YOU.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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