THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/8/14


The path to inner peace, calm, and more joy begins with a simple thought. Try this, “I deserve happiness.” It is your birthright. The statements that you’ve heard in the past that the Universe is abundant are not just statements. They are Universal truths that get dropped into your reality every once in a while by beings who may not even realize they are planting seeds… or perhaps they do. Ha ha!

You see, “Darkness to Light”, which is the very definition of the word, Gu-Ru (Darkness-Light), is a play on words for which we will now provide to you a secret, “A spark of light resides in every dark, and the WHOLE of Dark resides in every light.” For this statement of duality to be true, this must mean that every lightworker contains the wholeness of Dark within them. Now, before you all run away believing you may actually be dark souls, let us remind you of the truth you already know, and have known for many lifetimes, that you have just forgotten.

Dark does not equate to evil. It equates to POTENTIAL. So, where a student sees an evil-doer, a master sees the opportunity (or potential) for light to awaken within a soul, so that they may come to understand the higher spiritual truths of the Cosmos. What this means is that the life you want to live, and the potential for it, already exist within you.

You see, you are all mini projectors of light. Onto the dark canvas you call reality, you project your light based on your perceptions of the stimuli and on-goings happening around you. So, if you began to tell every cell in your being that you are worthy, deserving, ready, etc to live your dream of having the relationship you’ve always wanted, or to now write that book, or to start your own business, etc – the list goes on and on – but if you began to shift a single thought on this subject within your being, you’d begin to find miracles showing up in your reality that reflect that life you know you were meant to live.

Why? Because that POTENTIAL light exists inside each and every one of you. Having the courage to prove this out is part of what you signed up for in this experience you presently call life. To do so, your thoughts, words and actions need to begin coming more into alignment with that blueprint you know exists inside you. So, instead of making excuses about why something is not possible, use that energy to sit quietly and begin to shift NOT possible to ABSOLUTELY possible.

Here’s the thing though. You don’t need to know how or why something is going to come to you. You simply need to create the space within your being where you believe enough THAT it is possible. The Universe will meet you where the majority of the cells in your being are attracting it like a magnet. So, you want to stop the drama, live out the karma, and move into your dharma? Then, stop thinking dramatic thoughts. Move into more of a suppleness with your nature. Be kind to your-SELF. See the beauty in YOU that others reflect back to you, and you will already be in the process of attracting a healthier, happier, more peaceful experience into you, that you can then share with the world. For when you are happy, you are being of service to the world… and beyond.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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