THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/7/15


The time is upon you, and the Earth, where massive change is being felt and seen.  The veils are thinning between dimensions, and what was once subtle for centuries for some, and millennia for others, is coming back to your awareness with a loving fierceness.  It must, it is time.  To fulfill the prophecy that love would reign supreme once more, the sub-atomic clock’s count-down is coming to an end.  LOVE WILL FILL YOUR HEARTS.  How wonderful!

Even scrooge is becoming the philanthropist, and not because there’s a tax write-off, but because the waves of consciousness are shifting to the pole where folks can begin feeling again.  For too long, Earth’s inhabitants were bombarded with material distraction.  Many left the heart and sought refuge in inanimate objects, even almost praying to them.  The lesson was required, but the key is to utilize the material to help further the heart and its quest for all men, women and children to feel and know love, and to find truth, or God – they are synonymous, for when the heart knows truth, THERE you have found God.

God resonates at the vibration of truth… always.  Humans’ beliefs in those truths cannot and will never change them.  Therefore, no matter the frequency of humans, God will always exist, whether humans can recognize His truth or not.  The good news is that this “knowing” is rising.  The prophecy said, “… the Phoenix will rise.”  It IS happening as you read this message.

The Phoenix at its simplest was always about the reemergence of love from the ashes of the material objects that would need to fall for love’s truth to be seen and experienced once more.  This does not mean that love ever left.  It did not. It was just covered over with the dense energy of matter, or material.  You see, love is light.. LOL… not heavy.  So it easily flows, but is also easily covered if the choice is made to feel and experience a more dense energy. To feel and know love, be-ing and sitting still (even in action) makes it much easier. Connecting to and feeling your own breath is NOT a cliche.  It is truth.  It literally connects you to the vibration of love, where ALL other expressions of love can also be experienced.

As the veils continue to thin over these next few months, miraculous stories will unfold – about mankind and how resilient and beautiful you all are. It will reform the bond that, when once lost, separated you all from the knowledge of who and what you are – the everything that you come from and return to.  In that re-amalgamation of spirit, the connectedness humans will feel again in their physical hearts will remind the soul of Atlantis.   It will reteach, retrain, and rewire the hearts of gross masses of the human population.  By the beginning of your year 2016, and through its first 6 cycles (months), many will be amazed by how mainstream this talk of love, and the awakening of the heart has become.  Many more will seek gurus, spiritual teachers, and lightworking bodies to help them cope with the shift.  Yoga studios will begin to teach these truths of the heart, as they were set up for this purpose, and not just for exercise.  But it is all perfect, and all in Divine Order and Timing.  The preparation period is over.  You are ready.

So… the LOVE OF THE HEART slept.  But no longer.  The AWAKENING is upon you, and there is nothing to fear and EVERYTHING TO CELEBRATE. You, the lightworkers, have been on the front lines, and you have awaited this period for a long time, and many lifetimes. Time to celebrate. Time to BE THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE… fully.  No more holding back.  The world is awaiting you!

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach