THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/5/16


When your focused intent within becomes to live an extraordinary life of service – to self and others – what you harness is NO ordinary magic!

We are not talking about the service of Mother Theresa, or Gandhi, or Padre Pío. We are talking about the service of seeing aspects of you in everyone you meet and every circumstance you find yourself in. The way you perceive the world and its inhabitants can lead to massive transformation on the inside, and that is the greatest of all services. This leads you to polishing out your shadow selves, or aspects of you that are not yet fully aligned with truth, but perhaps still immersed in patterns of old that require love and self-acceptance with a desire to change for the better.

Once that transformation begins, there is nothing on the inside that does not want that transformation continually, even when it feels hard. It is a true spiritual path, you know, to self-improve and to continually find ways to do so. It takes courage to want to look at your patterns and begin to unlearn, or undo, the doing.

However, when you make the decision to begin doing this, like the beauty of a volcanic eruption in the distance, truth begins to pour out of the depths of you pushing the untruth far out of the crown of the head never to return to this “mountain top”. The pieces of the “explosion”, too, have been torn asunder and are no longer recognizable. This leaves the magnificent base of beauty (you) intact, alive and well – breathing a new breath as the new you.

You see, you can choose to look at things like mother nature doing her thing as destructive or constructive. Rest assured, when you begin looking within you as everything is always perfect in all ways, that is when you ONLY see constructiveness. For truly nothing is here to harm you. Everything has arrived to show you your extraordinary power to create the magical life you always wanted. After all, you are a creator.

So, on your breath, choose to consciously breathe AND then respond, rather than react. Conscious responding begins the pattern of rooting out that which believes it needs to explode to get to truth. It only takes one conscious breath, the first one, to begin to show you how much magic you hold.

Are you ready, “Merlin”? We think you just might be. Ha ha!

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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