THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/30/13


So many higher truths have been talked about in these posts. One of the foundational teachings has been that the world is your mirror. So the objective was to get you thinking (again – ha ha!) about what every relationship we have in our lives (strangers included) represents as an aspect of ourselves. When you begin to see everyone and everything happening in your life as a gift that has come to enlighten you, teach you, grow you, etc., then you have started to unlearn the older teaching that you are a victim.

You see, your parents, friends, clubs, teams, etc have learned from their parents, and their parents’ parents and so on. When fear reigned supreme, to control the masses and keep only the select few in the know, many generations grew with the “truth” that blaming others, fear, and projection were the way to self-preserve and protect one’s “things”. Increasingly, these “things” became known as families, houses, fortunes, etc.

During these times, out of fear, human-ity lost touch spiritual-ity. This gave way to mass consciousness delving deeper into the throes of beliefs that had people believing that everyone else was responsible for your reality and you would just have to “survive” by protecting your “things” and your-self from everything and everyone else. That was the “truth” that you, too, came to know.

However, there are (and thank God for) higher truths (aka “Teachings”). The true truths. The ones that explain the unexplainable. The ones that you have now been reading about for years. The ones that say you are not a victim, but that you are the Creator of your own creations, of your own world, of your own reality. It’s all true. Now, on what level do you plan to apply these truths? Because things are still happening all around you; and, if you fall for the trap(s) again, they will have you believing everything is happening to you when, in actuality, it is ALL HAPPENING FOR YOU.

When you can begin to look at everything as happening for you and for your enlightenment, you begin to be able to say, “Thank you.” That’s when you truly begin to “get it”. When this occurs it begins to open doors that show you how you have created it all… every last aspect of the world you are perceiving around you… and within you. So, then, when you start to really grasp and apply this, you begin to witness the outside world reflecting to you your own beauty in all ways, including the destruction of the old and the “in” with the new.

When you start to resonate, or vibrate, with the law of reflections (also known as the mirrored-self), you truly begin to resonate at a consciousness that is literally a higher vibration than the mass consciousness of fear-based reality. Instead, you begin to resonate at a measurable frequency of truth and love. From this vibration, all realities are possible.

So, when you begin to have an unloving thought, catch it. Replace it with a more loving thought, and it will bring you to a higher truth… one that connects your heart to the infinite possibilities of the Universe.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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