THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/29/14


Have you been feeling the Great Cosmic Push these last few days and weeks? It makes sense. So much has been taking place in and around the world, your Earth. Not sure what we mean… take for example, the headaches, eye strain, dry eyes, cramping, chest pains that are not related to heart attacks, dizziness, pain in the feet, arms and neck, you name it – the list goes on and on.

Even the explosion of the volcano in Japan, Mt. Ontake. This is all a Great Push to release all that no longer serves. For to move into new territory, you are being asked now to leave your old baggage behind. To do so, acceptance is key. You must truly accept what is and what was, which led to what is, in order to feel whole. You cannot pick and choose which parts of your stories serve you now… THEY ALL SERVE YOU.

Each and every experience you have had have brought you to this moment. There are NO mistakes, no what-if’s, what could have been, etc if you are living in the NOW. For truly, only the NOW ever really exists… nothing else. But, what matters from the NOW is up to you. Let go of past “traumas” and see them as graces that have given you perspective, individual growth, and wisdom beyond your years. Or hold onto them and stay trapped.

Those that let go will move, now, into the New World – 5D & Unconditional Love and Opportunity. Those who hold onto the past, will have more of it. This is not said with fear. No, never. It is simply a truth. The Cosmos are moving on. The quicker the better you move with it, the quicker the suffering ceases, and gratitude sets in.

It is up to you to release now. Release, Release, Release… and a CREATOR you shall become… and a CREATOR you shall remain.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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