THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/28/15


Major Cosmic transits are upon you. Shifts of magnitudes your human mind cannot understand are in play… already. There is no waiting anymore, only doing. This blood moon, happening on the 27th into the 28th brings with it a tide of change within, the likes of which have not been felt in over two thousand years. The exciting part, however, is not the “once in two thousand years” piece. What is exciting is that the human race has finally shifted enough in two millennia that you are ready to consciously receive these shifts.

You are now in a VERY auspicious season, one in which its maple trees can transform to evergreens, ever holding onto the light it has achieved. In other words, enlightenment is yours for the taking if you will receive it and own it. The question to ask at this time is not, “Why me?”  On the contrary, the Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters and other Ascended beings are cheering you on, asking you to ask yourself only ONE question – “Why not?”

You have worked many lifetimes to achieve this grace. You signed up for this so you would be able to receive this gift without needing to leave the planet. Please do not misunderstand. When new life arises, there is always a death… of sorts. But death in the physical plane is not required for you now. In fact, others may “see” you as “transitioned or moved on”, but you will needn’t go anywhere. For you are already where you need to be. So why not receive all that is there for you in that space?  You have earned it.

Now is the time to be asking yourself, “What can I create? How would I like to create it?” Once you see it in your mind’s eye, then state, “And it is done.” Thank the Universe (which is actually funny when you finally realize that you are thanking you), and then let it ALL go. Watch the speed of your manifestation. So long as you are not manifesting to test anything, but purely to lovingly receive, you will be amazed at the speed of your creative abilities.

This is a time to    E   X   P   A   N   D  !  !  !

Let go of fear, and embrace the unknown. Do so by calling upon the Masters and Archangels to help you. Never before has their love been more aptly felt and deeply experienced. You may think you are alone at times. This is an illusion of the highest order. We are never not with you, standing with you, protecting you, and cheering you on. Now is the time to see past thought, through illusion, and into the great expanse of possibility.

There is so much waiting here for you.  So why not receive it?

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach