THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/26/16


Mastery on the human plane requires accepting that you are human.

With so many distractions these days, so much maya (illusion) pulling you this way and that – the news, the political landscape, “terrorism”, the “grind” of your daily lives with kids or bills, managing you and your energy amidst the explosion of technology, and the list goes on and on – with so many of these distractions in your world at present, you MUST take a breath and accept THAT you ARE still human if you want to consciously come Home. There, you deepen the connection with your own heart, let alone the deepening that can occur again with the heart of the Cosmic Creator.

No matter how much your attention has been on spirituality and growth, recent messages have reminded you that you are not here to master the spiritual realm. Actually, you are here to master being human. And to do that requires discipline and focus in such a fast-paced world.

That world has trained IN you in many ways to expect instant gratification. However, things like karma (positive and negative) and the grace that comes with it, have you EXACTLY and PRECISELY where you need to be in any given moment.

Ask yourself this question… How much do I accept my life and everything in it just as it is? Now follow that with… How grateful can I be for all that I have in this now moment? Human mastery lies at the heart of those two questions.

Acceptance is key… literally THE key that unlocks human potential. It quenches the thirst of reaching for fruit, for there is nothing (no thing) to be had, for all that you need is right here… right now. In that acceptance, everything that has ever happened in your life experience is remembered to be FOR your awakening, and literally nothing more.

When gratitude (gra-titude = grateful + attitude) reigns supreme, acceptance becomes so much easier. After all, why would you not be grateful if you TRULY understood that everything in your experience was sent FOR you? Think on that, and… then… stop thinking.

You owe it to yourself to slow down as the world quickens. The friction (loving friction) between your choice of a slower pace, and the speed of the world around you, will create exactly the right amount of polishing just as a piece of glass on the beach becomes smooth as the ocean continuously washes over it.

EVERYTHING is t-here for you. Now just ACCEPT with GRATITUDE and the rest becomes SO much simpler.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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