THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/23/13


It is but once in a lifetime that you truly KNOW there is something more to life than the routine that you experience daily.  It could happen more than once, at different levels, but the level of absolutely knowing comes once usually and, if you do not capitalize, it could leave and not come back within this lifetime.  This is not meant to scare, only to awaken, or re-awaken.

So what is it that drives you to wondering and, moreover, to knowing that there is so much more?  Is it simple quandary, or an Energy that moves you to want to know more?  Is it an excitement, or a remembrance?  Or an excitement due to remembrance?  Either way, it is an undeniable energy within you, is it not?

Actually, the way it works is simple.  We cannot remember everything coming into a lifetime.  Why?  Because Earth is the densest plane, giving opportunity the likes of which are unseen throughout the Universe.  Therefore, you come to learn and learn greatly.  You never truly forget.  So for those folks who have been caught up wondering why we forget, etc, it can now stop.  You do remember.  But perhaps you were attached to your definition of remembering.  An old definition of remembering would state that you completely recall in your mind how something was, what it tasted like, felt like, looked like, sounded like, smelled like.

However, the sense of spiritual remembrance, or remembering HOW IT ALL WORKS, is an ENERGY that you cannot quantify, but rather you can only KNOW in your heart, and in your BEING.  It is a clear, absolute knowing that something is true or correct when you re-hear it, or re-feel it.  So, you do remember actually.  You just forgot what the remembering process was like and what it was all about.  Ha ha!  No worries, child. You might be young in the process this time around, but you are old to the Universal Consciousness of how it all works.  Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this.

You are drawn to these words regularly like a magnet.  Ask yourself, “Why?”  I promise there is so much to that answer.  So, worry not! You are on the right path, the righteous path, the only path.  It is the path that returns you, fully, HOME.  For there is no other path… only THE ONE PATH.  You are it and you are on it.  For you are the way, the truth and the light.  You have just forgotten it.  So, remember, remember, remember!!!

With so much love in my heart for you,



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