THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/2/13


So many folks ask, “Am I on the right path?” when they sense change coming.  But, then a funny thing happens… they get stuck either grasping for the change, or they get stuck in fear of it.  It is all perfect, truly it is.  You are always on the right path, even when you are “stuck”.  You see, within the “stuck” is the lesson that you need.  Whether it be grasping for the fruits of your actions, or frozen in fear and needing to break through it. The bottom line is that there are three S’s that you must follow to break the mold.

First, you must SURRENDER to Divine will.  This involves trust though… trust that you are Divine and when you connect inwardly and MEET YOURSELF, that you will see the next steps that you need to take to move forward.  So often, one of the questions that trips up individuals on the spiritual path is, “If I am to surrender, and then in a state of surrender, how will I not miss the boat when it arrives?”  This is a classic distraction of the ego.  Surrender is not, and was never, about becoming stale and stagnant.  It is about becoming powerful in the “I AM” presence within you to absolutely KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt when it is time to take action.

When you surrender into your Divine Self, God tells you when to SEIZE the moment and connect into the WISDOM that resides WITHIN and the signs that perhaps validate the inner wisdom on the outside so that you take action. This is God speaking to you.  This is you speaking to you. This is you and God blending into the oneness of TRUTH.

Once this happens, there is an automatic knowing that leads you into flight where you SOAR in that oneness.  This knowing brings you comfort that you cannot make mistakes.  This is because you begin to realize that everything is a gift and even mis-steps along your journey are meant to bring you deeper within YOU and meant to bring you HOME.

So start your process of getting to know yourself better today… right now!  Spill your guts to yourself immediately and begin the process of surrender that, at a minimum, tells you what you need.  Practice this with devotion to yourself.  When you are honest with yourself, your need to lie to the world around you will fall away.  Pleasing others will begin to become second to filling your tank one hundred and fifty percent, from which you can then give fifty percent away.  This practice will lead you to experiences where you will seize the moment and soar.  Doing this over and over again leads to the life of an eagle… soaring high above with keen eyesight, always maintaining a higher perspective that all is always well in all ways.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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