THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/21/15


Life happens inside of sine waves. You and your life are the music God listen’s to along that wave. How happy you become is determined by how willing you are to look at and shift ANY patterns that no longer serve you in the highest way, even when you think they might.  The key, though, is remembering that resistance to looking at those patterns are simply that… resistance.  In fact, the thought of looking past resistance and having a solid look at your negative thought patterns feels more filled with fear than you would experience if you actually chose to look.  Once you’re ready to look, you begin to collapse the sine wave, where you get to observe the music and change the station if what you hear is not pleasing to your own ears.  But how do you reach observer?

It is actually simpler than you’d imagine.  The key to this process is actually moving through you as you read this and it’s called your breath.  Everything happens on the breath… everything. The only things that do not manifest the way you’d like to see and experience them can be traced back to improper breathing, which disconnects you from source.  That is when fear and doubt are given space to creep in and disrupt the wave, which creates an entirely new one within which your patterns lie.  Your breath, and remembering to use it properly are what bring you to observer.  It is in this place that you can observe that you are in a state that you wish to change.  From that state, you can also decide to make a different choice, rather than giving into patterned response, otherwise known as reaction.

Reaction does not usually require much conscious effort, at least not the way you have been wired. Part of this reason is so that the fight or flight response can be triggered through the autonomic nervous system. The release of endorphins and adrenaline occur to keep you safe.  Therefore, automatic reactions DO serve in many instances.  However, when you have an overly emotional response to the same stimuli repeatedly, and have trouble altering your response, at times unhealthy patterns of reaction arise.  It usually is not until the fight or flight response reduces within you, and the adrenaline begins to slow down that you wish, perhaps, that another outcome could occur the next time this pattern arises.  For it is the patterned responses that materialize (or matter) the next experience.  So, for example, if you raise your voice at your partner whom you love because you responded from a place of fear, possibly triggered by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), you may then very well have an argument in your home, or maybe create a scenario where at least one of you feels badly about the results of your reaction. To change this pattern, first ONLY one element is required… awareness that it occurs.  Then, you require a desire to change it.

As you become more aware of the patterned behaviors, you will also begin to become aware of the signs that lead up to it, and how you are feeling RIGHT BEFORE the reaction. It is in those moments that, if you begin to take conscious breaths, you can change the entire experience and aftermath.  Little by little, as you practice this “undoing”, you begin to master the technique of awareness.  And as you begin to do that, seeing the other choice begins to become automatic.  All the while, you are taking yourself into observer, watching your own hurt, pains and behavior add up to a pattern that probably built before the age of 6 or maybe 10 years old.

Before you know it, you see it!  You actually see the very reason you are “acting that way”.  For you have taken yourself, on the breath, into a self-hypnotic trance to the time this first occurred. It feels much like you are feeling right now – as if you are in a deep state of relaxation, and open to the suggestion that you can do this. You can break this pattern, and manifest anew!

You see, all it takes is a willingness to shift and the perseverance to continue going to the spiritual gym within to connect to your breath and see all the amazing places it can take you.  There, you will matter a new pattern – one that is helpful, loving, authentic, and more who you are now… not who you thought you were.  From this place, the sky is the limit.

So become aware on the breath, and see what matters to you.


With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach