THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/19/16


Yes, they will! That is what you signed up for. Didn’t you know it?! Ha ha! No worries. You are here to experience the experience of the experience, which often brings you to new levels of THE experience… of being… here.

Have you ever wondered if there are plays on words in other languages? There are, and so much comes from them. For instance, your word “lesson” has MUCH hidden meaning. First it is made up of two words, “less” and “on”. The very reason similar circumstances may continually arise for you is perhaps because you might need to consider focusing “less” on the reaction and more “on” why it triggered you in the first place.

Remember, they are there to polish you, not to incite you. Nothing in your experience is ever happening to you, but rather for your opportunity to become enlightened FROM it. If you think you have something figured out that has been bothering you, yet it still bothers you, then you might need to reconsider.

Lessons come from every angle to ensure your sheen. When you are glowing, there the light is. Where there is light, there is God consciousness. Where there is dark, there is potential for it. Where ONE chooses to shine their light on the dark, there you now have God-illumined darkness… or simply… light. Your lessons being such light.

Choosing to see things this way is a practice and an art-form. There is so much opportunity for humanity, however, in this art form’s practice. The sooner you choose to recognize that you, too, can choose to be that artist, the sooner the practice of that form becomes your medicine.

Oh yes, lessons will come. But you have a choice in the way you respond. Gratitude will bring you so much further, SO MUCH FASTER, and will eliminate ignorance in its wake.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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