THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/16/13


Who are “they” and what do “they” think?  You know, there are many awakenings in The Awakening process.  One that begins to become evident when a soul truly begins to experience themselves for the first time in a lifetime is the recognition of choices.  One of those choices is a decision that has to be made about whose life one is going to live.

So much has been said to you in your life about things like, “What?!  You can’t do that!  What will your parents, friends, spouse, children, etc think?”  Right?  Haven’t you had that experience, even recently?  So much emphasis is placed on how others might view you.  But something significant happens, an initiation of sorts, when you begin to live your life for you and by your rules.  You are birthed into Alignment with Universal Truths.

You see, you came to experience, first-hand.  You came to seek understandings far beyond the mass consciousness’ basis of morals, values, and ethics, many of which are and have for a long while been based in fear.  Fear, as a controlling factor, has a force almost as great as LOVE. Yet, fear is lower than LOVE.  It has to be, for it was birthed from LOVE.  “How can that be?!”, you might ask.

It’s simple really.  This journey is about self re-discovery and re-realization.  You’ve done it before and you are doing it again amidst a thicker cloud of   F E A R.  The harder it gets, the further you eventually grow into the TRUTH.  For light cannot know itself without dark, aka fear.  But within the darkness, limitless potential is possible.  Think about it.  A cave that has been dark for 500 million years, loses its entire identity with the strike of your match.

So, why not go to the ends of your Universe within, find every cave and cavern, and strike matches in each and every one? After all, that is why you truly came here.  And doing so, helps others to do the same.  Break the mold, for it was built to be broken.

Remember Simon Peter in the Catholic faith?  It is said that Jesus told him he would build his church upon him.  Yet, it was Peter who denied Jesus the Christ three times.  Here’s a piece you may not have known.  Jesus knew from the beginning that Simon Peter would deny him.  It is why he built the church upon him.  For Jesus was a “connected” man among men, with a specific role to play – to begin to wake up other men and women to higher truths.  That the Christ-ian faith was built upon Peter was intentional.  Jesus spoke of love, not scripture.  Christian scripture came from men that followed him, as did Christianity.  He knew that eventually the Catholic Church that would be built in his name would need to fall, as a result of scandal and control that would utilize fear and deception as its primary ingredient.  To undo this before it occurred, he built the Church upon someone who he knew had a crack in his faith… Simon Peter.  And, upon that crack, the foundation of the “Church” was built, specifically so that the New Church of love, peace, truth, right conduct and non-violence could be built in the wake of its eventual collapse, which is happening as you speak and breathe.

So, what’s the point of all of this today?  Well, if Jesus had spent his life listening to “them” or the school of “they”, rather than always defaulting to his Inner Teacher and Guru, would we have the chance to be a better world today?

With so much love in my heart for you,



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