THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/15/14


Catchy title, right? THAT! RIGHT THERE – that is happiness. Miss it? Let us explain.

You laughed to yourself when you read the opening question, or had an inner chuckle, or something moved/shifted what have you, and in that fleeting split second you experienced feeling without attachment, while ALONE. THAT IS HAPPINESS.

If you did miss it, no worries. ;0) Most do. But when you begin to realize that your only job while living your life is to return HOME, you begin having more of those moments whether you even consciously realizing them or not.

While living in Earth time, it is easy to forget that true happiness is not material, is it not relatable at the deepest core of who you are, it just IS. In that IS-ness rests the truth about happiness. When you go to this space more and more often, through experience, meditation, sitting quietly, going for “alone-time” walks, etc, you will eventually get to another space – one where you meet the “happiest” of news (your grandchild has just been born, you’ve just won the lottery, etc.) and the “saddest” of tragedies (you’ve just lost a sibling, child, etc) with the same response… “Thank you, where are you God?”, or perhaps eventually, “Thank you, God.”, or perhaps even this, “Yes, I AM THAT I AM.”

Happiness is not an outer attainment of anything. It is an inner peacefulness that arises with dedication to The Path That Leads You Home… deeper and deeper into your hearts you will go, finding inner bliss even in the saddest of socialized experiences. And, see! That’s just it… social consciousness isn’t quite there yet. But the good news is that it is headed there. And all of you have gone here, even in parts and pieces, before them. Why? Because it is your calling.

Think back. Don’t you recall being a child, teenager, what have you and KNOWING there is more to all of this than what you see and “experience”? Of course you do. That was your blueprint awakening then, and it is no different now, with one exception… NOW, perhaps you have experienced the “more than meets the eye” moments. Some of you have been graced to meet physical teachers, or go to workshops, or have a deep conversation with a friend where higher conscious awareness has presided. THOSE moments are the inner knowing, the inner happiness coming to life.

“But you said the inner happiness, or happiness, is not relatable.” Yes, there is a contradiction here. But then there isn’t. Relationships are merely reflections of how you relate internally to yourself and your inner world, which you then project onto the outer canvas, per last week’s message. However, the essence of you “having the experience” is not relatable in words to another. It is the relationship with you that is being enlightened when you think you are having one of THOSE moments with another, or with a group of people. It is you getting to know you better on SO many levels.

So, just this week, try experiencing everything else you see and hear as something inside of you becoming enlightened, or lit up, from the darkness of possibility inside you. And, there you shall find the happiness we elude to.

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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