THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/14/15


As autumn approaches, and seasonal change is in the air, be sure to be conscious of your words. They lead to your creations, for you create from your throat chakra. God said, “Let there be light, and then there was light.”  Not before He spoke it.  So as autumn enters and change is in flux, notice how many times you want to use the word, “fall”.  Use it.  But use it consciously, noting the energy behind it.  But why?

Well, the human ego is fragile.  Often times, all it needs to manifest “a fall” is hearing the word “fall” spoken unconsciously, and it begins its work to “trip you up” however you believe you need to be reminded to create consciously, rather than unconsciously. And it is a powerful practice, even if you are simply referring to a seasonal change.

To this end, change is certainly upon you.  While it is always imminently happening, change of great magnitudes is occurring across the planet, and within the Cosmos.  Souls from all walks of life have been opening more and more to spiritual-based lives in some form or other.  Spirituality has made it back into the mainstream of conscious reality again.  Look around. Dr. Wayne Dyer left the planet in such a magical way… peacefully in his sleep… but was he sleeping or entering his next reality?  Either way, what he left behind just ahead of this Blood Moon coming was a massive wave of consciousness.  In it, he swept up a love of the highest order.  In its wake, his remaining family offered his teachings and videos discounted and even free in some cases.

Turn on your cable boxes and you may find Paramahansa Yogananda staring back at you through a documentary created about his life, called AWAKE.  If you are a critic, you may miss its glory.  It was not meant to be fully understood by all.  But if lightworkers watch and feel closely, you will “get it”.  Yogananda will nearly come through your television screens if you so allow it.  The light emanating from him, and this timely release were Divinely accorded from before the days when Yogananda was first watching himself being recorded.  If you have seen or about to see this movie, watch closely as he looks directly into the cameras… and into your hearts.

These masters of this realm KNOW what they are doing always. They know that this is a game. Yogananda and Dr. Dyer both knew/know the truth about who we are and why we are here.  The word autum comes from the latin word autumnus, which roughly translated means, “at year’s full maturity”.  The powers that be brought you Dr. Wayne’s Wave of Love and Yogananda’s AWAKE just as the attention of the planet “changes seasons” yet again, maturing back into the heart so that man may see the truth, and reverse his ways.  If only conscious of our actions, which begins with being conscious of our words (like “fall”) we can find a beauty and a maturity far beyond the mind and intellect.  There we may caress the warmth of the heart that brings with it a beauty that makes you ripe for change, so that you may “fall” from the mantle of the mental, deep into the depths of your soul’s true nature.  Here, the heart’s knowledge reigns supreme.

So let the blood moon at month’s end take you deep into the heart, where change is welcomed and understood at a level beyond the egoic mind.  There, the miracles that unfold will “fall” easily from the tree of knowledge preparing you properly for this Golden Age once more.  There, the beauty of this great shift upon man is understood, welcomed, and aligned. There, fear falls away, and appreciates a love so great, that no words we can convey to you are appropriate.

Enter Autumn.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach