THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 8/8/16


In times of great change, it takes courage to stand still when the rest of humanity wants to change everything on the outside. Perhaps what needs cleansing is on the interior.

You see, when the exterior calls for major shift, it does so based upon patterns the “interior ministry” has set in place over time. This makeup, or chemistry, will eventually show itself in the form of a need for shift. You have been reading that the truest aspects of the Divine Feminine energies are returning to the planet at this time. In order for them to sufficiently birth in truth, humanity must slowly and steadily begin to acknowledge this over quite some time.

In human years on the Earth plane, the shift you are seeing now has been on-going for nearly 100 years. Marked by major world events during that time such as multiple world wars, the Industrial Revolution, human/group rights issues, and natural disasters, the Divine Feminine, as she inevitably does, has slowly made her presence and need for turnover known. In the process, she has been asking those slightly more awake, and aware on any level of nature’s request for change, to continue to look inside for patterns not in love to begin to turn over. This is not easy work.

The Earth plane is the densest dimension for Cosmic lessons. As such, it is the quickest route for self-discovery, excavation and enlightenment. However, while here it can feel like “too much” at times, especially for those on the first, second and third waves of the Jiva awakening. For sure, you are being tested. You may be feeling tired, weak, or even sick. Illnesses that have not cropped up in years may be showing up JUST to show you where patterns of non-love still exist somewhere inside you.

You are being asked now to exhibit the utmost trust and faith in your tired hours. You have been heard, and we are sending courage – the likes of which are unprecedented. The reason? Your challenges and miles of growth within them now are unprecedented. You signed up specifically for this. Did you know in human terms how difficult it might feel? Perhaps not. But in no terms did you think it would be easy. It takes real courage to look at your issues.

For those of you with spiritual teachers, you were shown the magic first to understand that it was possible to transcend this realm WHILE here. You became attached, in love, to these special “people” – beings sent here to remind you truly of who you are so that you, too, could learn to transcend even the thickest clouds in the densest realities. When the teachers begin to detach, they do so WITH THE HIGHEST LOVE. For they are not detaching from you, but they are showing you how many tools they have left you with to attach to the only desired outcome worth having – that of truly knowing that you ALSO are God-beings – Creators of it all. For your only mission is to know and find God.

In whatever form you experience it or them, you must NOW remember to keep your eyes on the teachers. You mustn’t understand everything. You are not built/wired to do so, and you must remember that. Give not into drama and illusions of your world, for nothing is permanent and everything must shift and change TOWARDS love.

Remember, you are in the HOME stretch and being returned to self-realization. It takes MUCH change “out there” to show you who you REALLY ARE. And it takes much courage to realize that is exactly what is happening, all day, every day, FOR you. You are not a victim. You ARE God… in training.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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