THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 8/5/13


Despite their best efforts, everyone in your life that “wants” you to live your life “their” way is actually challenging you to live YOUR life YOUR way. You see, there comes a point when you need to ask yourself, “Who’s life am I living anyway?”

Everyone that has challenged this part of you in some way was doing so to help you fulfill your OWN blueprint… the reason you are HERE.  This is where it’s at, people!  Right here… planet Earth!  There are Ascended Beings lining up, just waiting for one of us to screw it up so they can make their grand entrance because they know the TRUTH.  “What truth?”, you ask?  The truth that this plane of existence called Earth, with its dense Energy field is where STUFF HAPPENS!

It is because the Energy field is dense here that lessons can be had in ways like no other. Though life “seems” so long and drawn out at times, EVERY PART OF IT is happening with Divine Accord.  The trip to the movies (where magic happens), the great book you cannot put down because it is unlocking a part of you (magic, mystery, drama, past life, etc.), the alone time when your family goes out of town, the arguments, the love, the love of arguments… ALL of it is happening to bring you home.  The key?  To be your authentic self.

Yeah, stop trying to be so perfect and to say and do the RIGHT things.  No need to bare the wait on others’ shoulders.  Speak your truth with love (i.e. without intent to hurt someone) and ALL WILL WORK OUT FOR ALL INVOLVED.  Find your “right” equilibrium within all situations, and you will have LOVED yourself through anything.  But say and do things because you believe it is the acceptable, or “right”, thing to do, and you will wind up struggling with “could haves”, “should haves”, etc.

The whole idea of being human is to be comfortable in skin… literally.  That is why we come here… to learn to become comfortable in a body once more to further align with our place in the GRAND SCHEME of it all.  After all, the beach is not complete without your individualized grain of sand upon it.

With so much love in my heart for you,


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