THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 8/4/14


Take a breath. It’s all ok; all of it. Just for a minute, realize this… there is nothing (no thing) that you need to do in this moment. No one requires anything from you in this space, this moment in time that you are choosing to give to yourself right now. All is well, in all ways – always.

Now consider for a moment that you are doing the absolute best you can with what you have, are you not? If you tried any harder, would something shift more? If you believe the answer to that is, “Yes!”, then ask yourself another question, “Do you have any more energy to try harder?” If the answer is, “No.”, then you have exhausted your resources, correct? If so, then try this one more time with me… just for a minute, connect to your breath… right N O W . No one needs or wants anything from you in this space. Just breathe… have someone you trust or love read this back to you as you breathe deeply now into your true essence… into your BEING. Remember that connecting back to your breath rejuvenates you. All it takes is one deep breath to shift a moment, a day, a week, a lifetime.

You are working very hard to keep it all together. But give yourself this minute, this moment in time to understand that you are ABSOLUTELY doing all that you can with the tools you have. You cannot do any more. If you could have, you would have.

That one statement can change your life… “If you could have, you would have.”

What this means is that all is happening exactly the way it is supposed to. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. What has you feeling stuck is your unwillingness to let go, accept what is, and understand that your experiences, ALL of them, are part of the Divine Plan. Yes, even you macho men who don’t want to believe in this stuff… the truth is being spoken here… and your belief in the truth will not change it either way, for it is absolute truth.

Now, knowing you need to accept what is, you can begin to surrender into a peacefulness – one that tells you that all is happening for all involved exactly the way it is supposed to for every ONE’s experience. Now, surrender does not mean throwing your hands in the air and giving up. No. Surrender means giving over the reigns to something, someone greater than this moment in which you feel overwhelmed. Surrender is doing your duty as best you can with no strings attached to the outcome. Did you show up? GREAT! Did you do all you could? WONDERFUL! Did you wish you had more time, energy, etc? Well, you don’t. Just accept that and then accept you did your best… and then… let go.

Your peace will come when you let go of the pieces.

P ersonal
E volvement
A fter
C alm
E nsues

Meditate on, or sit with, these words a while, and your piece in the peace puzzle will penetrate your being deeply.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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