THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 8/3/15


Last week, we shared with you how to place your order for what it is you want to manifest by placing it on the “inner”-net. The key is trust and faith that it will be delivered to your door, the same way your order will be shipped from its vendor.

However, if preparation for receipt of your “item” is required, that does not mean expecting God to prepare the way for you. It means trusting enough that God will support your actions in preparing the way, with direction and focused intention to make delivery more easeful. Just as you would receive a new piece of furniture, you must make space for it so that it can be delivered, yes? Yes. So, too, must you prepare the way for your dreams to be set in motion for delivery. This requires surrendering the final outcome of your preparation work each and every step of the way.

True surrender is not throwing down your weapons, raising your arms in desperation and allowing God to fight the battle for you. No. True surrender is fighting FOR God in all that you do, and sitting still enough IN the battle to hear His next set of directions for you to carry out. For this practice, you require direction and focus, without expectation of or attachment to outcomes – and that is where surrendering comes into play.

You offer up your actions, which you are taking to know and find God, in service to God. When things work out however God wanted them to, you then listen once more for the next set of instructions while MOVING in a deliberate direction. You understand that the outcome was or will be a lesson for each person involved. It could be perseverance and achievement, or it could be realizing you’ve won without the trophy. It could be watching others go through pain and suffering while you stand back realizing how far you’ve come, or perhaps where there is still work yet to be done.

No matter the matter, direction and focus in preparing the way while offering up the outcome will lead to manifestations of the highest order, which will fill your heart to the brim… if you’ll allow it.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach