THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 8/31/15


There’s a new energy of possibility presently grounding in on the Earth dimension. Do you feel it? Over the last six months, a two year readying process has been coming to its end.  Its purpose was to teach you what great manifestors you are.  Anything is possible NOW, in the NOW.  The key is staying focused on creating and not getting distracted with things from the past… or the future.

Past issues only have a hold over you when you give them belief energy.  In other words, after processing your past enough, you will eventually find that the stories no longer hold a charge like they used to.  However, you can still remain “stuck in the past” if you become afraid of releasing the stories for fear of the unknown.  So if you choose to believe that some past issue is still an issue, then it is.  But if you choose to thank your past for getting you to this fulcrum point of creation, then you can manifest things instantly.

But the fact is, you cannot manifest your future if your past is holding your future’s rightful place. Doesn’t that make sense?  You cannot put new clothes in your wardrobe if your closet is full of old clothes. Once the old clothes have served their purpose, and have been worn APPROPRIATELY, let the old things go by clearing them out.  The clothes don’t define you and they never did.  It’s what you did in and with them that matters.

Similarly, it’s what you do with the energies that got you here that will determine where your headed.  Choosing to feel victimized BY past events in the present IS A CHOICE.  Choosing to BE empowered by EVERYTHING that has delivered you here is yet a whole other reality – one in which you can choose to create ANYTHING from the love and appreciation of all that makes you who and what you are.  So, again, staying present is a MUST.

With the EMPOWERED full moon energies at your heels, you can literally burst into creation mode this week.  Set your feet firmly on the ground and walk forward.  Choose NOT to be distracted by, or mired in, the past.  Other than showing you your own resilience upon reflection, ask yourself, “How does existing somewhere other than here serve my best interests?”  You will surely see that it does not.

When you begin choosing “the NOW” in every moment, life begins to become exciting again.  You are shown that you literally have the power to cause yourself suffering or bliss.  When you choose bliss, you are in service to you and everyone watching you.  When you choose to suffer, guess what?

So now here’s the thing about the future… It’s NOT THE NOW and it’s not here yet.  If it was, it would be the NOW. But it isn’t.  In fact, most things you attempt to project about your future will NOT turn out the way you are imagining… good, bad or indifferent.  Why? Because they are based on projected outcomes to things you are too busy to do in the now because you are worrying about getting them done, rather than taking actions to accomplish them.  That, and the fact the Universe has a sense of humor and so it will deliver your future in the most unusual of ways to show you how funny you tend to be with your patterned behaviors.

So what are we saying?  Take action in the now to be happy now.  The outcome of action is always a result.  The outcome of worrying about the future or the past is a delayed outcome, and therefore a delayed manifestation. So why delay, just create… and watch the beauty of your hard work manifest into alternate realities of greatness. Be excited about your futures in the now by taking action to envision and create them (i.e. doing the present work). Then you will have to find new dreams, because you will have manifested the old ones.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach