THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 8/29/16


All, you are in the midst of Uni-versal, multi-lateral, and multi-dimensional change, the likes of which have never been recorded in your modern history. Great lengths have been gone to by the Powers That Be. The Cosmic archetypes of the Council of Elders, the Elohim, The Archangels, The Ascended Masters, the Hathors and many more have put forth enormous supportive energies to ensure the completion of the cycles of misconception and misalignment, instead bringing forth a Cosmic Realignment.

So what does this all mean? While humans have not “gotten it wrong”, humans as a whole did choose materialistic gain over spiritual truth. Why? Because they wanted and felt they needed the experience of being and feeling void of truth in order to have the experience of returning to it. It was a great risk. While doing so ensures humanity will NEVER have to have THAT experience again, the collective also knew that this could put humanity so far “off course” from truth that it could potentially risk forgetting to even strive for it.

Going in, Consciousness itself knew that if it went this far off the truth pathway, that a complete (and dramatic) reversal would be required. Though dim, it WAS understood that it would still be possible to return from this and, if successful, it would be Consciousness’ greatest feat to date… to take itself to the brink of disconnection from Source (annihilation), only to return to it in WHOLE, in human bodies… leading squarely to the ascension – highest spiritual truth IN A BODY for the majority.

Of course, as you may imagine, this requires great force in the Cosmos, AND great focus within. As we have said, all that occurs “out there” is simply a mirror for what aligns within you. We have also said that we mean this QUITE LITERALLY. There is nothing that occurs without that does not first occur within. When the collective “within’s” see the need for destruction, greed, war and the like, the outer collective reflects it. ONLY because there is JUST enough collective peace that can be salvaged from within individual souls’ heart centers at the moment does any peace exist “out there” at all. Continued growth of that nucleus of peace is essential at this time. It is required to settle the lands, seas, and stars and comes now ONLY from within (internal “individual” growth) on your plane of existence.

The ideal of the “big dig” intimates that much internal excavation is required to re-route congestion from the head to a direct line of communication from humans hearts to Source, within and without. It is a re-connection of the rainbow bridge, actually, that is taking place IN and OUT of your dimensional time.

This includes individuals rooting out old patterning within the individual DNA in an effort to root it out of the collective DNA. As old patterns are undone, with the efforts of the Cosmic forces behind this shifting, re-distribution of the horded energies of past misalignments into the collective love for WE consciousness will prevail.

We have talked about the aligned re-emergence of the Divine Feminine to lay the groundwork for a nurtured world that gives to and sustains itself. The inevitable shifts (and seeming destruction) now taking place on planet Earth come from the need for the “turnover” required to allow this. It will lead the way for rightful realignment so that polarizing male energies (figures) can begin to penetrate illusion-based consciousness and show the world with conviction what true unification looks like. This male energy, and those who display it, can only occur WITH FULL SUPPORT AND BIRTHING OF NEW CONSCIOUSNESS from the equally and complimentary polarizing female figures within the Divine Feminine archetype. He will be fully nurtured, supported, and LED by the strength and rightful dignity of Her.  Together, they will pave the way for millennia of wayshowers to come. You will be surprised in healthy ways in the coming years, beginning in 2017.

Together, over the next two decades in your dimensional time, these archetypal figures will blaze the path for cohesiveness and balance. This will (must) elicit overhaul of collective “power”. And that overhaul will need to come from within each of you, and all others who are awakening at this time. Fortunately for you, you are already well on your way.

Just know that the dark, or shadow, sides to each individual is coming up for review. It is NOT to harm you. It is happening for individuals to see where misalignments exist so they can correct them. They will have to want to do this, or they will cease to exist in this new Cosmic Existence. Yes, you are going from planetary existence to a Cosmic One. This is WE – not only for Earth, but WE for the COSMOS and Cosmic Alignment of ALL planets in all galaxies in all the Universe. Similarly, this includes alignment for all beings, and all archetypal energies.

THIS IS THE BIG DIG, and it is nothing short of a miraculous turnaround. You are in the midst of mass upgrades, and spiritual remembrance. There is nothing to be frightened of and everything to be gained. You will not be annihilated, only enlightened. Enjoy this, it is your rightful destiny.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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