THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 8/26/13


It is all within your reach, you know.  Whether you realize or believe it, well just know that IT IS. You see, it is never far from where you are that the object of your desire lies, if only you would let it come to you, rather than continually reaching for it like a juicy fruit that you cannot wait to get your lips around.

The name of the game is patience.  For patience with desire, isn’t truly patience.  Patience is a state of being… it just is.  It requires you to let go of anticipated outcomes or expectations.  So, if you slow down long enough, just with the hopes that someone is truly understanding you only so that you may move on again quickly, then you are not enacting the highest virtue of patience, but rather an aspect of it.

But fear not… this is a practice.  And, as we say, all is well within your reach.  So how about shifting your perspectives now and realizing this… if it is a well of wisdom that is within your reach, this means there is something closer to you than your hand that you may dip into for the answer. For, for it to be “WITHIN” your reach, you must be grasping beyond the answer for the answer.  Be still, then, for the answers lie there.

With so much love in my heart for you,


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