THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 8/17/15


Often times abundance gets confused with money, wealth, and monetary value. But it is none of those. Abundance is actually a state of being. It is a knowing that everything you need is always provided for you, and that you will never want WHEN you FULLY trust.

But FULLY trusting takes quite a bit of conscious effort to reign in all thoughts that are not of love, for self and others. Therefore, many individuals are more comfortable with worrying and complaining than they are with practicing full trust. But here’s the thing… if your inner desires are clouded with worry, fear, anxiety, and doubt, then there must be a program of lack or low self worth still running in your hue-man computer.

You see, worry, fear, anxiety and doubt are man-made things. To fear anything, even death, is an illusion. FULL trust and surrender is the way of the spiritual warrior, for which you have been prepared many times, in many lifetimes. But doubt in who you REALLY are limits your ability to receive fully.

To break the cycle, one must only focus their sites on God, and offer up their actions in surrendered service. They must KNOW that they have not been forgotten and that God is watching, and that He must bring them HOME to him. EVERYTHING else, and every other practice is merely a distraction. THIS IS THE TRUTH.

When you trust fully in the power that has you here, you understand the perfection of the game, and you end it… within YOU. Then, everything outside of you reflects the abundance inside you and all worries disappear, for you KNOW YOU HAVE IT ALL.

EVERYTHING… every breath you and all of humanity takes, and every action or non-action you and every other person takes IS A SERVICE to the greater good. You can label these actions, non-actions, thoughts, and breaths good or bad. But, they are not. They just ARE. When you see them as such, perhaps you can see past the labels and see the service. Those who commit “horrific” acts show us how not to be, and turn us inward toward love. Those that love us, nurture us. Those that challenge us, show us how to rise above and display resiliency in its full regalia. TRUST in all of this… that it is all perfect… is an abundant way to think, breathe and live. It frees the mind, and allows the heart to behave as the leader, not the led. It forces the mind into surrender, and allows distractions to fall away so that you can complete the only task you have… to KNOW AND FIND GOD.

This brings and abundant state of being to you and stops the thoughts and worries. It neutralizes drama and makes life fun again. It helps you stay in the moment and SERVE FULLY.

This internal abundance is where it’s at, and nowhere else. For when they say, “It’s an inside job…”, THEY really mean it. So open up to the abundance within you, and create the happiness that you were sent here to experience. God will find you there and bring all of your dreams to you. No need to distract yourself with anything else in the process.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach