THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 8/12/13


It is time to sit back in your chair and imagine the life you want to live… in a way that you begin believing that it IS actually going to happen.  It is one thing to “wish you were somewhere else”.  It is entirely different to manifest yourself into another reality.

New job, new career path, new relationships, more money, less suffering, more comfort – you name it.  All of it is literally a wish and a demand away.  You see, it is your birthright to be happy.  And when you are happy, you ARE service to others.  Think about the ripple effect of a stone thrown into a pool of water.  It emanates the subtle waves of impact far beyond the centerpoint of the stone touching the surface of the water.  You, too, as a recipient of the life you want to live, emanate the “happy effect” to your environment and those in it.  You just need to begin believing that it is possible… that achieving your heart’s desire is but a “stone’s throw” away.  But first, you need to understand how it truly works, this game of manifestation.

To do this in an aligned away for all involved, first check your ecology.  That would be the environment within which you’d be making such a daring request.  Ha ha!  Then, if you are sure within your heart, that you are making this choice from a true desire to live a fuller, more appropriately happy life, then in the long run everyone will be better off.  If, however, you are making this decision from an imbalanced space of not wanting to do your share of the work in, say, a relationship, perhaps you want to check in first with yourself as to why it is you are running away.  Because, if you are running away, I promise you will be running directly into ten to one hundred times more karma.

Once you have gotten your ecology straight, then, from a space so deep within you that you could nearly touch it, feel the Energy of truth shoot up your spine as you demand your birthright from the heavens.  Say it loud and say it clearly to the Universe that you are demanding the tools necessary to make your dreams a reality.  Then, let it go.  Literally, do not ask again.  You can create a vision board to visualize it, but do not ask more than once.  Doing so creates lack of clarity and forces the Universe to start all over again to get the ingredients just so.

Finally, just sit back and ENJOY THE SHOW!  Oh, and careful what you wish for… you might just GET IT ! ! !

With so much love in my heart for you,


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