THE MYSTIC’S MESSAGE – Week of 8/1/16


When you can exist without the stories an entirely new book opens to you. In this book, what makes the rules is not preconceived knowledge. In fact, even “rules” go away. Instead, just “be-ing” opens up doors to living in the moment, in wonderment. Here, you may find hidden gems and treasures you previously didn’t even believe to be conceivable.

In this state of existence, you begin to become proficient in the arts of personal mastery actually. You will notice your breath more. From this place, you will become more aware of feelings and thoughts. From there, you will be able to track where those feelings and thoughts came from. Then, you will acknowledge and allow those emotions to move through your vessel, as you will remember that is what you came here to do.

In this place, judgment begins to fall away. Discernment begins to come more often, bringing you further and further toward awareness without misconceptions created in hurt, fear, or anger.

It is from this state that you begin to see the world and all of its affairs as perfect. You begin to understand that even seeming chaos is just another story. You begin to let go of the control you would have otherwise attempted to enact simply because it makes you feel or believe that you are more safe with it. You are not.

You are actually safe all the time. It is attachment to form (material needs AND the body) and what that form looks like that creates the opposite ideologies from “safety”. It is when you begin to release your ideologies and instead KNOW the truth that keeps you safe that you start to re-realize how safe you are at all times. The truth is that you are love and Divine Light, not fear. When you know this, you choose love even in the face of uncertainty. It is from that knowing that true “BE-ing” comes. When you trust you are safe, you stop worry. When you lose worry, you are free to be in the NOW – HERE at THIS moment – not in yesterday or tomorrow, but right now.

That is where unexpected gifts arise to show you how amazing a gift life truly is. Embrace that, and let go of everything else. You will enjoy the experience so much more.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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