THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 8/10/15


Interesting title, right? Does it conjure thoughts of infinite-ness? If so, perfect. That’s your head going into, “What? I mean it could look like anything.” And we’d be saying to you, “Exactly!”

If you are not in the space of seeing or feeling “infinite-ness”, where did you go? To doubt maybe? Or possibly to disappointment that you weren’t given a specific answer straight away? To something else perhaps? It’s ok. Just notice where your thoughts are and remember you are not your thoughts. They are only an aspect of the greater picture of it all, and an infinitesimally smaller aspect of who and what YOU truly are. So take a deep breath and let us take you for a ride… A ride through consciousness.

You see, possibility doesn’t look like anything. It looks like everything… and more. When you begin to think of what’s possible, chances are you are most often utilizing the limited perspective of “what’s already happened” to draw upon. But what if you drew upon your own power to manifest ANY outcome. Just knowing and understanding that this is possible is the first step. Trusting it is next, then employing that you KNOW it, and living as if you already have it would follow.

The key to possibility, though, is shedding doubt.

Any shred of doubt must be shed from your skin, from your being.

Doubt keeps us in the comfort zones of the known, and keeps us from stepping into the unknown. However, to bring your dreams to reality, you must step into the unknown possibility of everything.  Unless, that is, you are attached to the comfort zones of dreaming.  Here, the true manifestation of your dream cannot ever come to be because you are attached to having somewhere ELSE to go to when you are loathing being in your comfort zone and “dreaming of something else”.  Therefore, you NEED the dream to go to form where you are.  So, the question becomes, “Do you truly want another reality, or do you just want to wish that you could have one because it’s a whole lot safer to wish than enact real change that takes you somewhere unknown?”

Whoah, that was a big one, right?  Well, once you get past that, here’s another big one to ask yourself, “If I am ready to manifest something new, what are my motivations for wanting to do so?”

You see, if you are running away from something in the present situation, then you are bound to re-create it in the next manifestation… and ten times worse until you get the message that situation came to show you in the first place for your enlightenment. So you absolutely must be clear that your intentions are pure behind wanting to create new.  If you find an ounce of ulterior motive, you might just want to look at why and what you are running away from and instead begin thanking God that you have something to look at… AND CLEAR… before you move onto creating it all… over… again and becoming trapped in a seeming never-ending loop.

NOW… If you are TRULY ready for something new, you must focus your intention on possibility, not telling the Universe “how” IT must occur, trusting the process, and not doubting how possibility arrives at your doorstep. This means listening for EVERY next step you must make to meet the Universe. The Universe cannot “be you” taking the steps, you must be you meeting the Universe, showing it with every step/action you take that you trust and believe in infinite possibility, and then infinite wonders are yours.

And it all starts with dispelling ANY doubt from even just the last sentence. You see how quick you can divert?  If you didn’t divert from trust, great. The bottom line is that you must devote yourself, fully focused, as we stand behind and beside you every step of your journey.  Do not doubt that either.  We are with you, for you… and part of the infinite wonders of the world you have already created, which brought you this message.  So why not believe with all of your heart in something greater, and that YOU have the power to manifest it?

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach