THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/8/13


Have you tried sitting still recently?  You know, like meditating?  No, we’re not talking about sitting in a cave cross legged chanting “Om…”  We’re talking about being still with your feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc as they arise – being present with what is instead of distracting yourself with other things.

You see, what you resist persists and what you let go flows.  It may take a lifetime to gain enough courage to truly LOOK at something that has been misaligned for you.  But it may only take a second for you to see and feel the truth of its message.  Having the wisdom, though, to know this, however, is a grace.  So consider yourself graced as you contemplate, now, what message the Masters and Angels have been trying to send to you for some time.

It might just be the ripest season for you to receive this gift that has eluded you for lifetimes.  Sending you courage to look, even though you might just thank us repeatedly when you do!

With so much love in our hearts for you,



Mystic’s Message Explained