THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/6/15


The time has come for new creations. The only way to create new is to focus on new. If you feel stuck, this may require you to begin to slowdown the creation of the old, to create space for the new. But what exactly does that mean?

It’s simple really. So often, the human mind identifies with the past to feel safe in its identity. It looks to generate a new life, or new life addition, as an extension of the comforts of the known. But, you see, Albert Einstein said something very profound about doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. He stated that this was the very definition of insanity. In fact, it was more like the ego clinging to the known for self-preservation. After all, that was and has been the ego’s job – to keep you safe.

However, as the veils continue to thin between 3D and Cosmic Consciousness, the ego’s role begin to shift more and more. Instead of self-preservation based on the old, humans are being asked more and more to “let go” and utilize faith, not belief, to allow the heart to feel safe to create at will. What this means is nothing short of exciting.

You see, belief requires a set of thoughts, or head energy, to exist. Faith, requires nothing of the sort. Its only requirement is placing the heart front and center to allow the head to begin to be served by it, and thus serve it. What we mean is that the head will at some point be served regularly by this heart-based energy and a new, symbiotic relationship will be birthed; one in which the head will then exist merely to help the heart figure out how to create its next manifestation.

The most exciting part? Well, that’s the thing… the most exciting thing is that this time is upon the Earth plane NOW. No more waiting for it. Instead, TRUST yourself. Ease yourself into letting go of old patterns by watching them arise, catching them in the act of creeping into your conscious awareness, thanking them for showing you where to do some cleaning out, and then utilizing this new found information to stop disempowering yourself by believing that something else created your current experience, and realizing that your FAITH and TRUST has the ability to create anything, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

So the next time you think you feel a limiting belief system crop up, feel into it. Track its origin. Identify a pattern and realign your future NOW. This watershed no longer needs to be difficult. Quantum Speed is available NOW to all who endeavor to know the truth. And the truth is, you are God, you are the Creator of Destiny.

So… out with the OLD and in with the NEW by identifying the limiting patterns, and allowing unlimited potential. You are THAT powerful.

With so much love in my heart for you,