THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/4/16


Freedom has a vibration, does it not? It does! True freedom, that is. Not the idea of “telling beings they are free and then having them believe it.” But actual freedom – freedom of spirit and of mind – freedom from the illusion (maya) of negative drama and that of a life of entrapment created in material, social consciousness. You may want to read that one more time. If not, feel FREE not to. Ha ha!

So, as was being said, true freedom has a vibration. That vibration is affected by your thoughts and your heart. Actually, it is your heart that determines what lies in the auric field (or aura). The aura, proven now by science, is a measurable energetic, magnetic field around each human being’s body. It is a collection of energy made up of the being’s experiences, good and bad, as well as their current state of heart and mind.

When the mind overruns the heart (NOT the factory default setting by the way), auras tend to become depleted of joy and heart-centered energy. The energy of joy and heart-centeredness would keep you in a resourceful state of potential if regular maintenance was had when in those states. Instead, auras tend to become replete with worry, negativity and lack when constantly subjected to general, social consciousness which contains high contents of fear, lack, and control (negative drama). The objective is to allow the factory override to kick back in where the heart knows best. However, to get there, the vibration of the aura needs to shift.  But how? In a word… GRACE.

A true understanding of grace can begin to shift the spiritual aspirant from slipping out of states of freedom. So let’s take at least a brief look at grace. Grace is what has got you here… in this moment… right now… breathing… and reading this message. Ultimately, by the Grace of  something greater than you – God, the Universe, Universal Life Force, etc – you are here.

However, beyond this basic understanding, grace also begins to take a much higher meaning to the spiritual aspirant in their middle incarnation sets (i.e. mid-level experiences with reincarnation where you’ve been around the block roughly half to three-quarters the number of times it may take for you to fully “get it”). No worries… many lives are often lived within a single life-time, so there is no reason why you cannot fully “get it” this go-’round.

Now, where were we? Oh yes, GRACE. So to the spiritual aspirant (you), somewhere in your middle incarnation sets, you are introduced to the idea that grace is the great awakener that happens in Divine Cosmic and Karmic Accord. (We say “idea”, because before it becomes truth is is merely theology to the spiritual seeker – one that may even take a few lifetimes to be fully absorbed.) So, Divine Cosmic and Karmic Accord is interesting. It is by this Accord that your true grace begins to show up for you. This is when you begin seeing beyond the eyes, knowing beyond the mind, and feeling beyond the touch. This is when serendipity and coincidence begin to fall out of your vocabulary.

True grace interrupts patterns in the aura. It is when an aspirant is introduced to high spiritual teachings, or perhaps an outer spiritual teacher, EVEN if they resist it. True grace can also occur when the Divine Moment strikes and the student’s Inner Teacher fully awakens, or awakens enough to find an outer teacher. These moments cannot be explained. For they are grace at work. This grace is almost designed as a “knock over the head (crown)”.

In this “ah-hah” state, something somehow known, yet dormant, is awoken and a new alphabet and language becomes available to you. In this space you feel more positive and more taken care of than ever before by something BIGGER than you, which you know and understand, yet cannot fully verbalize. Grace… has found you once again. It is that grace that has the ability to TRULY free you from the maya, separate you from separateness, returning you HOME while here (the ascension incarnate).

There is individual grace and Divine and Karmic Accord, then community (or group) grace, and then planetary grace. The individual finds a group, groups find each other, and then those groups lead the planet in a unified front – all in Divine Timing.

As was earlier stated, the key is to not let too much time pass when you are in good spaces to either connect more deeply to your inner practice, or to find a friend or practitioner whom you trust to keep you in healthy graces. Otherwise, you might need to use larger chunks of your grace to bring you to larger venues or events led by true spiritual master teachers that can assist further with this process to keep you from falling back into old patterns. You may not even know that true teachers are running them, but you will still feel called to them. On the contrary, when well-maintained spiritually, you may still seek groups or larger venues to keep you in good company, thereby amplifying your grace.

Whatever your maintenance plan, it is imperative for you to use the tools you have been given by a teacher and/or through a lineage. Whatever or whomever your teacher, lineage or tool, Divine Accord has graced you with methods that have gotten you this far. Whether it is the rosary, prayer, yoga, meditation, mala beads, japa mala, energy healing systems, or any form of grace (divinity tools) that you have, you MUST use them NOW. Stay attuned, keep your energetic systems clear, and maintain your tapped-in vibration that keeps you connected to source. That source within, when well-maintained, keeps the energetic vibration of truth clear in your heart and restores the aura to the tune of truth. That is where further grace can find you… in truth.

We leave you with this… whatever helps you to keep your eyes on God, keep your focus there now, and for the foreseeable future. That will keep your heart ringing to truth. That will keep you connected to us, and being connected to us will continue delivering you to higher and higher ground, and continuing to interrupt untruth, for that is our duty to you. So be free and let that freedom ring within and throughout you. For that vibration is us celebrating you and your glory, and your truest independence.

With so much love in my heart for you,


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