THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/31/17


So you might be asking, “What exactly is happening these days?” The thing is, the answer is, “Everything.”

There may appear to be a lull aligned for the masses right now, while many light-bearers are dealing with final battles in many forms. You see, the Kali Yuga has ended her destructive reign, but it currently takes approximately 25 years (a quarter century) in your dimensional time and space for the final fires of Kali to be put out. As such, systems continue to fall as shortcomings continue to be exposed for what they are.

As a result, the mirrored effect is showing individuals where they have been out of integrity with themselves, not just for years, but for lifetimes. Therefore, this transitional time provides great and ample opportunity for dramatic internal discovery, and therefore shift. The monkey minds of humanity must first cease, as Buddha mind BEGINS to take hold. An openness befalls the Earth, and those once critical of meditation and its many practices and applications begin to teach it… by example. This is you.

In the meantime, this mindfulness movement gives pause to the casual spiritualist who may just begin their journey home now. They may have thought they wanted the average life with money, cars and families, but are realizing at a tremendous clip that this is NOT what your life is all about. As they continue this realization, they are left wondering where to find answers. They turn to you.

In the process of the masses turning to you who have been practicing on this journey for years, it is imperative now that you clean up shop. How else can you be of greatest service if you are not truly walking a path OF service? You must now live, fully, the five human values of love, truth, peace, right conduct and non-violence. Otherwise, you will suffer, and in your suffering you will struggle to find neutrality, and therefore you will not be able to see those coming to you for such things.

We bring forth this information on this day not to scare you. Rather, we seek to help you in your days of your final push. We realize it seems a bit sluggish right now. The planets are doing their thing “out there” and so your bodies feel it “in there”. But you are on the precipice of major breakthroughs. All the work you have done has led you here, to catapult you to the New Frontier. are you ready, willing and able? Your resoluteness to completing the mission is your driving force, and the end is upon you, for a new beginning awaits. So clear it up, clear it up, clear it up, and good for you!!!

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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