THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/28/14


What is grace? This four letter word is so often thrown around in the Earthly dimension, but how truly understood is it? The energy behind the song “Amazing Grace” in the United States can be misleading. While the motivation for the song is pure, to connect the soul to the grace of God, even some of the words are sung from victim consciousness. However, Buddha also got it wrong when he FIRST died under the Bodhi tree. Yes, he did. However, the Governing Council told him his intention, or motivation, was pure in that he wanted to eliminate human suffering. So they put him back in a body and then he got it right, seeing all as perfect in all ways, watching individual, family, friendly, national, international, and world karma playing out EXACTLY as it is supposed to. This is when he ACCEPTED ALL AS PERFECT.

But grace is simple really, though theoretically it can get overcomplicated. In its simplest form, grace = everything. What this means is that everything you see, experience, feel, etc is grace. You see, it is grace THAT you can see, experience, feel, etc. And each of those things requires a certain amount of grace just to experience them as experiences. Confused? Good.

Here’s the thing… it requires grace just to be human. It requires more grace to have a path. It requires more grace to have a spiritual path. It requires even more grace to know that you are on a spiritual path. If you have an outer physical, spiritual teacher, it is then, maybe, that you begin to realize that it is a grace to have a shi*ty childhood, shi*ty relationships/friendships/traumas, etc. It is also a grace to have blisfful childhoods, relationships, friendships, etc. On the spiritual path, you get the opportunity (grace) to learn what the Buddha learned… that it is ALL perfect, in all ways, always.

Grace is the opportunity. It is the journey. It is the fundamental sum of karma playing out in all ways that allows you to project a reality that you believe you are living. GRACE is where it’s ALL at.

Grace is a good girl… get to know her. She might just teach you something you have missed, even if it is something you have been sitting on for a lifetime.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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