THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/25/16


For those of you still believing in coincidence, God is serendipitously speaking to you in this moment. God’s sentiment, Universally and ironically, is that nothing is coincidental. In fact, the word coincidence was invented by a person who lost faith that something greater ALWAYS has its eye on you.

Coincidence, or the concept of it, leaves things to chance. But even Math and mathematicians were created by God, not chance. So what are the chances, then, that coincidence is real, and serendipity just wishful thinking?

Paradoxical, is it not? Yet, we tell you now, nothing is EVER how it seems on the surface. That is, unless your surface is several layers deep to begin with – ha ha! You see, even running into an old high school acquaintance in a parking lot, or seeing them from a distance in that parking lot, is not a coincidence. It is the Universe showing you how far you’ve come in the number of years it’s been since you last saw them. It’s showing you that you were somewhere once, and now you are here. The setup is intended to give you pause. It is a “smell the roses” moment.

That certainly provides a different perspective does it not?

See, even if coincidence was real, and that your life is ALL some probable mathematic equation written down somewhere, isn’t that ALSO powerful. Thinking that big would actually mean “pre-determination” and therefore, by definition, NOT coincidental.

See what we believe is that the world is in for some serious surrender right now. This type of surrender requires the masses to accept without understanding. This kind of processing has a tendency to bring individuals into their hearts and out of the thinking mind. On some level, you’d then have to coincidentally let go of preconceived equations. And that would be serendipitous. But, truly, to have the masses all let go at once of their control and belief in coincidence, or a coincidental world, would lead to momentous serendipity.

You see, it is when you loosen your grip on a prior belief that you create space for the universe to show you the miracle of the New World you could choose to live in instead. It is when you are so tightly wound in your beliefs that you sit waiting ONLY for “that way” to show up that you miss the rest of life. Now is a time to loosen your grip, let go of the need to understand it all, and experience what it feels like to be in potential. For when you let go of expectations you coincidentally allow the delivery of unprecedented serendipity.

And there, you begin to live again.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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