THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/24/17


It has been said now many times that where you place your focus is precisely what you will draw to you. This could not be more true. But let us take a closer look at why, and what you can hopefully do about it.

Ok, first things first… one of the secrets to the Universe with regard to creating the life you want to live on the Earth plane as a human is that you manifest your next experience from the throat chakra. This means that your verbal sharings aloud, as well as your self-talk, are what quite literally create your next experience. But how? Well… onto another Universal “secret”.

You see, your heart chakra (governed by the Sacred Heart) determines what is placed into the magnetic field around your body, known as the aura. And the aura has receptor sites built into it for your next experience, AS YOU DRAW THEM TO YOU. So healthy, loving thoughts, words, and actions draw to them healthy, loving experiences.

But when the head runs the show, the heart cannot work its magic to its full capacity because the negative ego often prevents the heart from functioning cleanly. Too often, the brain interferes with the hearts ability to create magic for you by getting in the way with fear-based thoughts. But if it did not do this, your Sacred Heart would pump loving, fun-filled and healthy vibratory energy into your auric field.

Given that your auric field has receptor sites for your next experience, and that like attracts like, you can see how you might still be drawing these less-than-loving energies to you, can you not? But you see… here’s the thing… practice, practice, practice is the name of the game. It is the end-all, be-all.

The thing about God-beings (you) re-training yourselves to remember who and what you really are is that you setup the training as a process of continual progress. It “gives you something to do” so to speak.

And when you can begin looking at your life as a playground for soul growth, you begin to see it ALL again AS a GIFT.

When this happens in Divine Time, by Divine Grace, only EVERYTHING begins to change. And here’s even better news… in the past, you felt it was more difficult because not as many individuals were going after this type of experience. They were so wrapped up in the “I”, rather than the “we”, that they continually wrapped themselves up in fear and self-preservation. This is no longer the case.

You have free reign at an unprecedented rate now.

It is up to you (each of you), though, how you use it. It always has been. Fortunately, you are finally beginning to really “get it” again as so many of you are returning home to truth IN your beings WITHOUT leaving the Earth plane. So, we say to you…


We are so ready for you, and you so ready for us, and ready to focus on love. Take one more step towards us, toward truth, and we will continue to take hundreds toward you. You have earned this, so now receive it. Focus on love, and there you will find your next sign, as well as your next creation OF love.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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