THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/21/14


So you’ve been working on healing past traumas. A good teacher would tell you that you need to integrate those experiences into your being. Yes this is true, but this is not the process. Rather, this is the advent of the new horizon AFTER a successful threshold has been crossed.

First, young lads, you must acknowledge the door and be presented with a key that unlocks it for you to cross the threshold. And so goes the process…acknowledgement of a past trauma is the first step. Take a good look. What is it that you see? What voice is it speaking to you in? For example, is it loving, is it angry, is it confused, is it yours? That last one is important. Chances are, if it has presented itself as something to be acknowledged, it is yours on some level. Hence, you have acknowledged it.

Now comes part two of the process…acceptance. So you are standing at the door of your acknowledgement. Acceptance is the key that unlocks the door for you to cross the threshold of the experience that brings you to the new sun…Advent Horizon. See, you can talk about your stories, and how you thought they were relevant in your experience, but until you accept them you have not truly felt them. In fact, you may have repressed them and talked around them on some level, while also trying to live around them. But when you begin to accept and feel them, this begins the process of integration.

Now you’re very close to the new world that your heart has been after. In fact, your whole world is now within reach, for you have come face to face with your fears, accepted that they were real for you, and now you are feeling your way into the truth of why you are here. For when you slow down the dance enough, you begin to become one with the music and, therefore, one with the dance that you have been using to avoid your fears. But in reality, when you meet yourself in the dance you can see the full beauty of who you are, despite the traumas. In fact, you realize you made it through them because they never came to harm you, they came for your enlightenment. They are your teachers, showing you your resiliency, strength, love, light and service.

That’s it! Your whole purpose is to breathe service… for you, and for everyone you come in contact with… for you are love and LOVE IS SERVICE.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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