THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/20/15


Your new world begins when you are at cause.  Being at cause means being a creator.  Being a creator means not being affected, or at effect.  Being at effect, rather than cause, means being at victim, constantly being affected by the world around you.

No one has the power to hurt you.  Who YOU are, in all its glory, cannot be wetted by water, burned by fire, or cooled by the air.  Who you are is greater than the label of your first name, greater than your thoughts, and greater than the stories that you create about your circumstances.  Who YOU truly are is God-consciousness in man.  To realize this fully is to become free.  To resist this is to suffer.  To realize an aspect of this is to begin to awaken to the truth of who you really are.  And thus the spiritual path has begun when aspects of you begin to awaken.

And it is said that the spiritual path is the hardest of paths.  Why?  Be-cause everything happening in your environment begins to challenge all of your prior learning and socialisms.  Why?  So that you finally break free from them and understand that it is all a game, all a test to bring you HOME to YOU.  Why?  So that you can be of service… to you, and to everyone.

When you begin thinking that the world does not have to be this way or that, and your energy begins to rise to meet the desire to shift the way your world has looked to you, your world begins to shift.  As it does, you automatically shift into service because your single grain of sand, and ALL of its shift and change, is part of the grand beach.  Interestingly enough, the more you shift and change the more two things begin to occur: 1) you want others to feel as powerfully transformed as you be-cause IT IS contagious… transformation that is… transformation is contagious.  Oh, and because it is contagious, 2) people begin showing up and asking you what you are doing that’s different.   They tell you you look better, different, happier, and so on.  Of course they do.

As you awaken, so does your heart.  As your heart awakens and shifts old belief systems into higher, more positive spiritual knowings and truths, your auric field begins to reflect this as well. As your aura begins to shift, it develops a magnetism for those of like mind, or like potential. Your field acts as the medicine to others’ receptors for truth.

If any of this is resonating with you, please read on.

You see, you are a spiritual warrior.  And just as others have found, and are finding, you, you have found these words.  Your receptor sites in your aura were open enough to lead you to the “inner net” on the world wide web (of consciousness).  But it didn’t lead you in this moment to a major news outlet, or to doom and gloom. No.  In this moment, you were led to love.

It is this allowing of love that leads to more of it. The pattern of allowance, eventually begins to allow the movement of trapped energy, or pain (i.e. pain body), which is just your feeling your emotions (e-motions, or energy in motion). This leads to space in the body for more light. As you carry more light, you feel “lighter”, happier, free.

To allow with love, discernment and empowerment is to be at cause. To be at cause is to be a powerful creator. To be a creator is freedom.

Be free and teach others by your example.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach