THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/15/13


When was it that you were first called to look into the question, “What else is out there?”  Do you remember the feeling?  You know, the feeling of what it felt like to first wonder if there was more to life than what you “see”.  That feeling is the inner fire, the desire for higher truth.  If you can recall that feeling, to truly feel into it again, that is the place from which you can manifest the life you want to live.

That is the same place from which your intuition was birthed.  It is the oneness of everything – the peripheral state of awareness that taps you directly into source and reconnects you to HOME.  It is true that some are born with “more” of it than others, or really an innateness that it is safe to use and express it, but you all have it, each and every one of you.  And it has never been safer to explore its truest meaning for you.  Now is the time to step into your manifestation abilities.

The truth is that you have been creating every experience from your last experience, your current thoughts, and your belief systems.  If you choose to begin looking at your stories about the way it all works, as well as the belief systems you have in place, and if you are willing to be open to higher perspectives about the “way it all works”, higher truths about such things will begin to drop into your life. They may drop into your own consciousness, or you may manifest a third party to provide them to you in a form you can more easily take in.  An example would be if you manifested yourself at a workshop where someone is talking about higher teachings and truths. That might be easier for you to experience than to wake up just believing differently about the world and the way it works.

The latter does happen, and that is usually when someone claims they had a dream, etc and it completely changes their life. However, more often than not we create someone or something outside of our own minds to bring us an awakening, because it is almost easier to have it happen outside first, so you can run the event past your inner compass.  You may not even realize that is what you are doing, but that is how it works.  It happens unconsciously first, until you begin to catch yourself having more and more of them… until you cannot deny that you have definitely changed, and have grown as an individualized being.  IT ALL COMES FROM EXPERIENCE.

So the next time you are having an experience, instead of judging it and labeling it as good or bad, know that you have called it in, and maybe just maybe you will see it differently than the last one.  After all, you create it all, believe it or not.  And if you do believe it, even just a little, you might now be connecting with the fire within again.  How wonderful would that be?

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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