THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/14/14


One of the most powerful spiritual actions a training student of the spiritual path can do is the practice of “opening doors”. No, this does not mean to become a doorman or woman. Ha ha! Actually, this is the act of creating space in your life for something new to come in, rather than holding onto old patterns, old desires, etc.

An example of this, while a bit drastic, would be when someone begins to shift one concrete belief system in their life to, perhaps, a higher, more expansive one. An example of that could be this: OLD BELIEF: “My religion [Judaism/Catholicism/Hinduism/Buddhism/etc], is the way Home.” NEW BELIEF: “There are many ways Home. I believe my religion, or my path, is the best one for me at this time.” Do you see how that creates a bigger space for you to co-exist in a world that has many religions, with many teachers, many of whom believe their way is the only way? And these are good people we are talking about here. People who truly believe that they are living the way God would want them to.

Even if those folks were ready to shift that one belief system, they may not yet be ready for this one, which is even a bit higher: OLD BELIEF: “My religion, [Judaism/Catholicism/Hinduism/Buddhism/etc], is the way Home.” HIGHER NEW BELIEF: “While religion absolutely served this body in many ways, and this being for many lifetimes, I am beginning to see how religion, when taught from fear-based beliefs, can be exclusive. True spirituality, however, is all-inclusive. I choose to be a better [Jew/Catholic/Hindu/Buddhist/etc], by allowing that everyone is entitled to their belief systems, and that ALL PATHS LEAD TO THE ONE HOME.”

Now can you see how that creates space for large amounts of opportunity?

The same applies to every facet of your life. When you begin to look for opportunities to open doors to the possibility that something greater than your current belief or desire is available, you grant the Universe permission to deliver in bigger, more spontaneous ways that will keep you happier and healthier for longer periods of time than restricted beliefs and desires will.

So look for the next door to open. But you don’t need to look at it as closing a door to something else, but rather, opening a door to a wider perspective than that from which you came. For you should never look poorly upon your past, since it has so appropriately delivered you here.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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