THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/13/15


Ok, so the time has come for “no time”. What this means is to break all the rules you think you know about the past, the present and the future. Instead, focus on this… that “a new day” can be had in every SINGLE moment of your breath. Inhale… good… now exhale. This is the truth – that the dawn of a new energy, one that breaks the mold, ends the current pattern and begins a new one, is always ONE solitary choice away – and then you’re in it… the NEW DAWN.

What if it was that simple? What if all that was required was a choice… a choice to draw a line under your current situation and start fresh. You cannot heal the past without acceptance of it in the present. So why EVER live in the past? In fact, you cannot not EVER achieve a healthy future without acceptance of ALL that you are HERE AND NOW. Are you willing to love yourself FULLY right now?

You see, you are a magnet. And your auric field acts as the great attractor. Only, the one part missing maybe is determining the core essence of your generator that generates the energy of your attractor. Since you are being so left-brained right now, let’s talk about that. Ha ha!

Ok, so we’ve just identified that your auric field acts as the great attractor. But what does this mean? Well it means that you attract to you what it is you think about the most, or the thoughts you generate. This generator has by-products, known as emotions. Your emotions are then projected quite literally into your auric field. This is why, when there is tension in a room, people often say, “you could cut the tension with a knife.” If enough “tense” energy is being generated out of individuals’ core generator, and into their auras, eventually it will be felt in the physical space.

The way it works is as follows… First, a story is created about a situation or scenario happening in your environment (including in your own head space). That story is based upon patterns you’ve created from experiences, up-bringing, etc. Then that story triggers a feeling (emotion – which is learned and stored by the way). This feeling and all of its energetic cords and ties is then projected into your aura. Finally, it is experienced by others, and then the next set of circumstances (or karma) plays out.

So, what if you CAUGHT the energy, or the energetic pattern mid-stream, drew a line under it, and CHOSE to create a different story – one of positivity and love? We’ll cut the suspense for you and simply tell you… you would ABSOLUTELY create a NEW DAY! By Universal Law and the rules of engagement on your Earthly realm, this MUST be the way it works. Your choices are the VERY things that make you a Creator… THE creator, actually, of your world.

So… If it hasn’t dawned on you already, a new day is just around your choices, for they lead to everything. Begin choosing more of “happy go-lucky, who cares, we’re all ok”, and you will create a world where everyone gets exactly what they need in exactly the right time.  And, remember, when you are in “WE” consciousness, thinking of the collective good, you are IN the “we”.

See you at the dawn of your new day.

With so much love in my heart for you,


Ray Rolando Ascension Coach