THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/1/13


It is true that everything you are experiencing is a choice.  It is also true that if you change your perspective, you change the way you look at things, and then the things you look at change.  So what of emotions then?  Are feeling them a choice?  Yes.  And No.  Ha ha.

You see, choosing to come back here on your latest contract to planet earth in this incarnation was a choice that YOU made.  And, then, although part of the beautiful human experience is to have the ability to be conscious and feel emotions, how long you feel them is a choice.  So, it is not a secret that your human emotions happen spontaneously, until they don’t.  That said, and per previous messages recently, you are working toward neutralizing your karma, which also means greeting the saddest of tragedies, and the most blissful of joys, with the same neutral space of, “Thank you, where are you God?”

So, the next time something occurs in the space around you that either upsets you or triggers some powerful emotion, even happiness or joy, try finding God in all of it by seeing it ALL as perfect as you step away from the drama and see the higher perspective that ALL IS ALWAYS WELL.  Watch how that neutralizes the drama, and creates a peaceful bliss in its wake.  Feel into it and KNOW that you have just experienced enlightenment.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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