THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 6/8/15


Truly it is! So the question to you now is, “Are you carrying a thimble mentality, or are you standing out there with open arms, and looking for every storage container you can get your hands on?”

So, what does this all mean, right? Well, you’ve heard the expression, “It’s all about perspective.” how many times now? Probably hundreds. But, as with any “marketing”, the Universal Marketer, aka God, must present human beings with the same information potentially hundreds of times before He can even expect loyal consumers who “get it”.

And, he’s asking you to consume abundance… in droves at this time.

However, it takes a truly abundant spirit to accept full abundance. So what does this require? Well, it requires a true sense of self-worth – a knowing that what you have to bring to the proverbial table is highly valued and a knowing that you can absolutely do what you love, if you can find the right perspective to frame it within where people will want it.

But there is one more piece. And this is a big one. The missing piece is trust; and trust requires faith, not belief. See, belief requires a value system as its foundation, which requires the brain to “believe” something is or is not possible. Faith, on the other hand, does not require a belief. Faith is clear knowing (or claircognizance) of the heart – unwavering faith is the vibrational energy of creation. THAT is where you create your reality from when you go ABOVE belief.

Did you miss it? Ok, let’s re-visit.

What we’re saying to you today is that your faith, or clear knowing, that something is going to happen for you, IS THE VERY SPACE THAT CREATES THE VIBRATION NECESSARY TO CREATE SOMETHING NEW. FAITH EQUATES TO QUANTUM MECHANICS because you are telling the Universe “how it is” AS A CREATOR, so it MUST respond in kind.

Think about that for a minute. If you started applying this knowledge in your life today, how much happier could you be?!

Now, there is one catch. If your motivation is not pure, the karma you could manifest from personal desire will be swift and great. But if the motivation is from a space of wanting to be of service (even while earning a living – which, by the way, IS being of service – to your family and to those watching you be of service to yourself and your community), then truly and purely the Universe must deliver your dreams and then some.

So, what are we telling you? Well, we’re flat out telling you that it is raining abundance RIGHT NOW. However, we’re also telling you that how you choose to perceive whether or not abundance is present, will determine how you create your next moment – in abundance or in lack. For truly if you see abundance, and desire abundant service, then abundance of the heart MUST be yours.

So we say to you, “Get out there and see and create abundance of the heart. It will never fail you.” When you do this, you toss away the thimble and your beliefs that you ONLY deserve so much, and instead you invite in everything that is and has been trying to make its way to you.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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