THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 6/5/17


Despite what you may think, there is so much more happening for you in EVERY minute of your life. Trust and faith in that statement IS the very path you walk toward becoming enlightened to that fact.

Though you cannot see it all, somehow you trust that something beyond this moment of understanding, clarity, or lack there of has you. And it does. And that “it” is YOU. YOU have you. But the YOU we are referring to is the higher you, the version of you that knows this and does not require remembering anything because it never forgets. After all, how can you forget what IS you?

The fact is, you are all going through MASSIVE shift and transformation these days, and it can feel extraordinarily alienating at times. Don’t know if you’re coming are going? Yep, that is the number one symptom these days that is infiltrating the minds of the courageous ones who have taken the oath to come to Earth to awaken.

Fear is strong these days and, like General Custer, it is making its last stand. After all, fear’s job in duality is to thoroughly and completely challenge its perceived foe – love. It will do everything in its power to maintain control over its territorial hold, even and especially while love is making progress in the light bodies of the masses.

You see, mass fear (negatively charged pole) energy will flow toward love (the positively charged pole) in dark times. But remember, dark is simply the unmanifest. So you can choose to birth more fear or love in unknown times and circumstances. You can choose to accept your hand and play it out with dignity and courage. Or you can fold, allow fear to win, and stunt what you have fought for all this time… love.

Only you know what lies in your heart. But we can tell you that the masses are counting on the “strong ones” to pull them through. They are praying for the second coming of the Christ light now more than ever. They do not realize that the second coming is not a singular man, but rather a collective consciousness stirred from the cauldron of love and unleashed from the spell to spell all spells. It is called service.

Humble service, in keeping with the awakening process, leads even the heaviest of hearts through murky waters. So if you feel you cannot take another breath in this world, serve another and there you will find purpose, and perhaps your heart will lighten a bit in these moments.

But for certain, know this – it is absolutely up to each and every one of you at this time to determine which side of this battle you want to be on – love or fear. One leads to more uncertainty with certain lack of clarity. The other requires great trust, but always leads you one step closer to HOME.

Perhaps it is time to connect into what you cannot see so that it may FULLY awaken the eye that sees and knows all. For it is you that holds the keys to the Kingdom, because you created both the Kingdom and the Key. It is about time you remembered it, and then there will be no-thing you cannot see.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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