THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 6/30/14


Whatever your tradition, I, Merlin, believe this quandary to be of great intrigue to the masses. It is upon this chap (Ray’s) shoulders, from which a heavy burden was recently lifted. From inner reflection of an outer teaching, he has struck cosmic gold. Whether you believe Jesus was the “Son of God”, “a prophet”, “a blasphemist”, or a completely imagined persona from some poor blokes’ attempts in writing some 2,000 years ago to strike faith in the heart of man, Ray recently found an oasis within.

You see, as the sages would have it, to ensure the timelessness of enlightened moments continues, God separated himself, herself, or itself (whatever you may believe) from him/her/it self to love him/her/it self more. That is where humans come into the picture. Humans are the separateness incarnate to experience a form of love, called duality, to interact and experience more than would be possible as the infinite, blissful oneness of everything.

So back to Ray… he is uncomfortable that we are choosing to utilize his direct experience as the channel for you all this week. But you see, that is his Divine Calling… to step aside when service calls, and deliver what it is the Mystics request as THE MYSTIC.

This week, we requested the use of this fellow’s “enlightened” moment.

He was pondering the teaching of Jesus (and many sages throughout the centuries by the way) that was specific to his disciple, Peter. Peter had his coat stolen in the night, and he went to Jesus to tell him as much. Jesus’ response to Peter was to find the man who stole his coat, and to give him his cloak (overcoat) as well. On the surface, Jesus’ logic was that the person who would take such an item was in need of it more than Peter. Like Peter, who asked questions, Ray has been asking around, or shall we say within. After literally years of sitting with this teaching, the Divine Moment occurred for the fruit to have ripened while Ray was sitting under the tree of wisdom. Now he can feed the masses.

For, you see, when Jesus told Peter to “find the man who stole the coat…”, he was referring to yet another, higher teaching that we are all ONE, which encapsulates many other higher teachings (i.e. the teaching of impermanence, the teaching that nothing real can ever be taken from you, the teaching that we are merely custodians for “forms” of energy while walking the Earthly domain, and on and on and on).

You see, true to the teachings on connectedness, if you were to choose to believe that something impermanent has been stolen from you, then you are choosing to remove yourself from the flow of the Great Expanse of the Cosmos. In so doing, you are cutting off your ability to manifest, and you are giving into fear. So, when Jesus said to “find the person…”, he was actually referring to that aspect of Peter within him that believed something had been stolen from him. What a new world, right?! Absolutely magnificent!

So, find that aspect of you that believes you are not ALWAYS taken care of, and tell it, “It is ok, young lad (or madame), for you are loved and supported beyond the expanse of time and space. Let you receive, now, the holiest of gifts by manifesting for yourself a new coat, and a new overcoat, so that you may feel loved, supported, whole and at peace. In this way, as a disciple of an enlightened Master, you can then remind yourself how you may then hold space for this individual who does not yet have the grace to have such an enlightened path, to one day find it and remember THE WAY HOME… for this path of “I AM”, is the way, the truth, and the light.”

Well done, Ray! And well done ALL. ~ Master Merlin

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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