THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 6/29/15


Indeed it does!  Whether the weather, we’ re in it together!  For you see, you are awakening, and just as the sun shines each morning after a period of darkness, this too shall pass.  Whatever the worry that is heavy upon your mind, at ANY time, come into your heart NOW and leave it behind.  For truly the sun is always shining, no matter the number of clouds in the sky.

Just raise your awareness above the clouds and realize, the Earth’s sky only knows one true color.  It is not trying to be anything but the sky, and it IS blue.  However, you may believe that it is not because that way of thinking still serves something in you.

But what?  What does it serve thinking and believing that way.  Or does it even serve?  Perhaps it is simply a pattern, or a circle, a loop that you are caught in.  Check in with your motivations now, for they will show you why this pattern still exists.  Do you need something?  Love, attention, motivation?  What is it?

Maybe, actually, it would be best to see beyond need by KNOWING everything you need is within you.  It is, you know. There is nothing that is beyond you.  For you are IT – the whole thing – the whole kit and kaboodle.  But you have forgotten IT, and so you have returned to remember.

Ask yourself, “What does God think?”  Was there a response, no response, something, nothing?  Ask yourself, “Who is speaking when I self-talk, and who is responding when I hear an answer?”  Is it the same person, same essence, same energy?  Maybe it is all ONE.  Just maybe.  And maybe it is all you, I don’t know.

This all sounds like crazy talk this week, doesn’t it?  Wait for it…

Ask yourself this question, “Who or what tells the sun to come up, and why must it change poles every night (to rise and set, rise and set), just to bring me light again in the morning?”   How about this, what if you refused to believe the weather forecast the next time it called for rain, when you had plans… what if you were that powerful?  What if, instead of believing what someone else tells you is going to happen, you make your own rules the next time you wake up for your day at sunrise.

In fact, what if you actually do make up the rules?  What if you have been playing by rules that you thought were made up for you because someone else told or showed you that’s how it works…  But what if someone told you NOW that you made the choice to believe something outside yourself ALL those years ago and that you have been inside the same loop ever since.  And what if they also told you NOW that it is YOU that made the choice to live someone else’s rules so that they’d feel better about their reality?

Keep waiting…

Or don’t!!!! And, instead CHOOSE NOW to believe that it is you that tells the sun to rise, because you are that powerful, because you are the sun.  And watch how your entire world begins to change.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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