THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 6/27/16


It truly is, is it not? You actually live in a beautiful, incredible, insurmountably loving world when you truly allow the awe and wonderment of it all to seep in. Even the mystery is magical. In fact, especially the mystery. So much so, that you could do with a taste of NOT trying to figure the mysteries out. They are there for mystery’s sake. They are not meant to be understood, but rather to inspire with an “other worldly” energy that reminds you of HOME, though it does not invite you to COME home until Divine Accord strikes.

And there is a reason for this… this remembrance of another world that you cannot quite grasp, but that you know you love. It is like a dream that quickly fades upon your waking, leaving you almost reaching for the answers that almost came, or leaving you wanting more of the love you felt and cannot explain. It is a mystery not meant to be understood, but to be trusted. Ahh, and there it is… TRUST.

When you can trust that LOVE HAS YOU HERE, though you cannot understand it, that is when you begin to merge with the purpose for being here. You might’nt be able to explain it, but when you surrender to trusting it is all perfect, that is when you feel overwhelmingly guided to begin to acknowledge what a beautiful world you live in, rather than attempting to escape it however you can.

In fact, in the moment of true surrender, you allow the Amrita of life to pour forth through your veins. It is contagious, you know. The essence of the Cosmic Flower of Creation’s energy that pours forth from your heart (and crown) when you align with your higher purpose is something others flock to. They may not even understand why yet they, too, will feel the presence of God within you and possibly for a time even within themselves.

It is then that you are being played like Louie Armstrong’s trumpet in the world famous song, What A Wonderful World. Interestingly enough, it was Krishna that was playing through Louie, as if he were a flute, to bring that song to the masses to remind them how beautiful the world can be when you allow it. Perhaps even more intriguing is that if you listen one more time, you will hear Krishna’s flute played at a very specific time in the song. All the more reason to acknowledge yet another of the world’s great mysteries and surrender to it.

The more you practice, the more surrender becomes the way. And the more this occurs, the more you become aligned with the Divine Blueprint of Creation.

Please know that, even with all the change you have going in the world right now, and even though it sometimes looks like chaos, this is the way nature roots out what no longer serves. Your meditation is to practice surrendering to the perfect beauty of it all. You do that, and the rest MUST take care if itself… AND you.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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