THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 6/24/13


Hmmm…. what if it was simple?  What if it is?  The truth about life is that there are ups and downs.  Downs are between two ups and ups are between two downs.  How long you choose to stay in the downs, however, is exactly that…. a choice.  And, how long you stay in the ups, you ask?  Same answer.  The goal?… to eventually get to neutral.  This neutral space would be something like, “No matter what is going on around me, I will not and cannot allow it to affect my center.”  That may sound steep, but the truth is that this is yoga, or meditation, in action.  It is a mantra you’d need to repeat to yourself over and over again.

After all, they say the definition of happiness is learning to meet the most “tragic” news you’ve ever heard with the same grounded attitude that all is perfectly well.  Why?  Because it is.

Everything is happening in the exact Divine Timing that it is supposed to.  If you can meet seeming tragedy with the same neutral Energy that you may eventually get to as if you had won the lottery, then game over… enlightenment done… the ascended masters and highest of spiritual beings might start showing up at your get-togethers and events, for you would have become a  GREAT teacher.

But until such a time has come, you need to keep on keeping on.  Keep up the trust and faith, and keep looking to teachers who can help by holding that perspective when you cannot, until such a time as you can.  Enjoy the journey.  That’s actually where the enlightenments can be enjoyed as you watch your growth.

So, enjoy!

With so much love in my heart for you,



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