THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 6/22/15


Anger is part of the human experience. So it would be best to not try to avoid it as such. However, to understand anger is to make it a powerful ally of yours on the spiritual path. For truly, the “path to enlightenment” requires shedding light on dark places to bring higher understanding to that aspect of the journey.

So, here’s an interesting fact… In the standard human being, anger will initially rise and fall in 9 seconds. That’s right, anger comes in and moves out… except when the trigger of the anger belongs to you, and you have yet to identify its cause, and so you get caught in a loop that keeps the anger present. So you may be wondering at this stage, “What exactly does this mean and how does someone identify what is and is not theirs?” Well, that’s a journey, and definitely one worth having. So let’s have a look at an example.

Say you are walking along and you trip off a curb and roll your ankle. The pain that runs through your system is high in the moment, and anger may arise that you fell, and you may even have a few choice words for yourself (which is unhelpful self-talk that can be addressed by another message altogether. Ha ha!)… anyway, sticking to the topic, you’ve just fallen and hurt your ankle. Fear and anger, perhaps, rise within you. Once you realize that you will be ok, however, the anger will probably move out within those 9 seconds.

However, if that anger was triggered by a story within you, chances are it will remain a lot longer than 9 seconds, and you will probably find yourself in a negative self-talk pattern similar to, “I’m so stupid. I obviously don’t deserve to be happy. Life isn’t fair.” or something of that nature. Unfortunately, it could be lifetimes before the core nature of that anger (i.e. its truth) reveals itself to you so you can stop the pattern; that is, unless you choose to have a look at it WHILE IT IS OCCURRING. So, how does one do that? You track the anger as best you can back to the first instance you remember of the self-talk beginning, and you will remember that you thought something like, “I’m so stupid.” What happens next is usually an “ah hah, I caught you!” moment of self-reckoning THAT you do this to yourself.

Now, here comes the work. If you’re first moment of self-talk revealed, “I’m so stupid.”, then ask your self (yes, separate “self” from “your” to become the observer to stop the pattern and create a new one) – so back to asking, “Why do you believe you are stupid?” Sit for a moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask again on the breath, “Why do you believe you are stupid?” You will be amazed what will drop in. You might see the moment that a trusted adult, parent, teacher, or whomever called you stupid, or something like that. You might hear the experience again…. and then you’ll have a deeper look while in this deep space, and you’ll see (from a higher perspective of “We’re all ONE.”) that individual saying this to you because your actions triggered a memory in them of a time when they had the exact same experience, and they were projecting it onto you because that is what they unconsciously learned. And that’s when it will hit you, “THIS IS NOT MINE!”

And then it might just also hit you that without having twisted your ankle, you would have never had the opportunity to have a deep look at this to clear it… FOREVER… and in any and every future lifetime, and for 7 generations forward and back… YOU ARE CLEARING LINEAGE PEOPLE! That’s what the lightworker’s path is about… consciously clearing lifetimes of your karmic dramas, and that of those you have contracted to clear it for, as a service? Why? Because it is ALL ABOUT SERVICE. In fact, the entire reason for breathing is TO BE OF SERVICE. The service of conscious clearing leads to ascension to higher consciousness WHILE IN A BODY.

Can you see it yet? The anger was service… TO YOU!

And there are two ways out of an angry cycle: 1) to choose to be of service to another human being – for truly you cannot be vexed by anger when helping someone(s) less fortunate than you, or 2) to choose to be of service to yourself when the moment of anger arises by sitting quietly when you “roll your ankle” as described above (i.e. at the “moment of impact” of a seed of anger being triggered).

Actually, there is one more secret method within the methods… there is a third way out of an angry cycle… by realizing that items 1 and 2 above are one in the same, for truly service to self IS service to others, and service to others IS service to self.

So the moral of the story is to see everything, including anger, as service, and a more peaceful life and journey is yours… and it will touch everyone you come to know and love.

With so much love in my heart for you,


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