THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 6/2/14


“Within thine self thy truest essence lies…” You may search for ages and look to sages for the wisdom you believe exists outside of you. But it doesn’t, and it never did, nor ever will.

The message on this day is to “be sure” within your SELF. But “how?”, you might ask. By being… and not running to things that distract you from you. There will be times when your inner guidance leads you to a Divine Channel outside your human vessel. Knowing how to discern when to do this, though, is the trick.

To know this, and to truly be sure within you, the trick is to sit with the question on your own in the first place. This does not mean to “sit on it” and place it on the back burner. No. What this means is to actually LOOK at the subject of your questioning deep within your being, undistracted from chores, service, family, friends, etc. Then, you may get to know a part of you that you didn’t realize existed.  It is a certain knowing, a confidence… it is knowing who you are.

It is there that you will find all answers, including “when” it is appropriate to seek an outside source.

The “hidden” key here, though, is willingness – willingness to believe you are it (THE WHOLE SHOW) even if you don’t yet understand what this means – a willingness to delve deep within the reaches of your vessel, and eventually beyond it – a willingness to know the truth and accept it – a willingness to accept that there is more to you and this Universe than meets the eye, but not, perhaps, beyond the “I AM”.

Willingness is the first step to “being sure”… and we can tell you this… the fear of looking at something “uncomfortable” is usually more uncomfortable than the answer and it’s needed actions themselves.

So be not afraid – just be sure.

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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